The recovery of reserves is limited by a lack of subsurface understanding. That’s why the E&P industry needs a powerful earth modeling capability that uses all available data and is geologically and computationally scalable to better realize subsurface characteristics. 

Results you can see

Accelerate earth modeling workflows with gridless modeling techniques. 

Drive insights

Make faster, more informed decisions with an enhanced subsurface understanding. 

Reduce uncertainty

Increase ROI by leveraging a common understanding and rigorous scientific process. 

Scalable Earth Modeling, a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud application, is the first and only cloud-native application on the market for earth modeling. This software allows you to rapidly run big data processing jobs and generate multiple scenarios to create accurate, integrated, and reliable subsurface models without the need to upscale data from its original captured resolution. 

Scalable Earth Modeling enables you to reduce risk on recoverable reserves and better understand return on investment. It also provides more trusted hydrocarbon reserves quantification and well placement using elastic cloud computing technology. 

Results you can see

Run more realizations faster

Run more realizations and build models in less time with unmatched speed, drastically reducing the typical earth modeling workflow time.  

Drive insights

High-resolution subsurface characterization

Maintain resolution of original data, without simplification, to achieve enhanced subsurface rock characterization in a single, gridless model. 

Reduce uncertainty

Single source of truth

Access one integrated, up-to-date model to use and collaborate with other disciplines. 

Scale models with ease

Scale any given model from larger to smaller geological areas without having to run multiple different models for various areas of interest.   

Powerful and all-inclusive

Use all available data, all the time, regardless of area of interest, to build scalable earth models without compromising on resolution or size. 

Model confidence

Multiple realizations provide more robust and reliable models. 

Integrate new data quickly

Integrate new data as soon as it’s available from various sources, seamlessly updating the model and eliminating the need for model re-creation. 

Less Compromise

It provides consistent and reliable subsurface characterization by maintaining resolution of original data without simplification,  to achieve enhanced subsurface rock characterization.  

Understand the risks

Uncertainty quantification of 3D volumes help determine a more accurate estimation of oil and gas in place, reducing uncertainty and increasing ROI. 

Gain invaluable insights to reduce subsurface risk and uncertainty.

Gain invaluable insights to reduce subsurface risk and uncertainty.

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