Unlock the potential of your seimic data

Traditional workstations are unable to process large amounts of seismic data without sacrificing fidelity. This often leads to operational inefficiency, increased cost, and delayed decisions.

Endless possibilities

Unlock the full potential of seismic data and maximize return on investment. 

The sky’s the limit

Leverage elastic cloud computing technology to run advanced geophysical algorithms and post-stack attributes on 3D seismic data. 

Smarter tools. Better results.

Make more informed decisions faster and shorten project lifecycle time. 

The industry's first cloud-native software of its kind

It digital framework makes it possible to process unlimited volumes of seismic data with no reduction in fidelity and generate multiple post-stack attributes from large seismic datasets. The speed and efficiency of Seismic Engine computations allow for faster decision-making than conventional tools.

Endless possibilities

  • Automated attribute extraction: Choose from over 100 different tools and processes to apply to terabytes of seismic data, including 80 different post-stack attributes
  • Preserve data fidelity: Visualize high-resolution 3D attributes while preserving data fidelity and validate results to maximize the value of large-scale seismic data

The sky's the limit

  • Process data regardless of scale: Streamline data transfer and run complex workflows regardless of scale
  • Scale on demand: Scale cloud-computing capabilities up and down according to need, to help reduce project turnaround times

Smarter tools. Better results

  • Decrease computation time: Get better results up to 10 times faster by reducing attribute computation time and accelerating decision-making to shorten project lifecycle
  • Quick quality control and data validation: Leverage easy-to-use visualization tools to deliver high-resolution 3D attributes with faster quality control and data validation

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