Manage risk and uncertainty at every step

Unified Ensemble Modeling is a data-driven, evidence-based, and iterative approach to reservoir management that delivers better predictions and improves decision quality.

Boost reservoir performance

Systematically optimizing your field development plans and taking data-driven reservoir management decisions using fast and repeatable ensemble-based modeling cycles and uncertainty-aware digital twins. 

Boost reservoir performance
Boost reservoir performance

Understand holistic uncertainties & risk

Overcome development challenges and reduce risk with uncertainty-aware reservoir models. 

  • Comprehensive uncertainty quantification: Capture, quantify and retain uncertainties at every stage of the interpretation and modeling process to understand the range of possible outcomes and assess the risks associated with each scenario.

  • Uncertainty-centric reservoir management: Develop uncertainty-aware reservoir models that interact with digital twins of wells and production facilities to enable an agile and integrated field management approach. 

  • Cross-discipline collaboration : Removes silos between domains & departments using shared Earth Models conditioned simultaneously by static geological data and dynamic production data. 

  • Comprehensive data integration: Leverage Landmark's industry-leading multi-user project data management solution that aggregates data from multiple sources to generate real-time production optimization insights. 

Maximize reservoir performance by taking data-driven decisions

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Make confident reservoir

Improve decision-making in reservoir management by leveraging fast and repeatable ensemble-based modeling. 

  • Evaluate risk vs Reward: Robust ensembles provide a true representation of geologically plausible scenarios for comprehensive risk management throughout the reservoir's life cycle. 

  • Agile & accelerated: Run complex geostatistical algorithms faster using a combination of a multi-scale, multi-resolution, gridless modeling approach and parallelized, distributable computing. 

  • Fast-tracked decision process : Build 'fit-for-purpose' models with the right complexity for every project to increase the speed and efficiency of the decision-making process. 

  • Improved asset insights: Decision-makers can better understand the range of possible outcomes and assess the risks associated with each scenario. 
Ensemble-based modeling
Ensemble-based modeling

Ensemble-based modeling

Helps to bring new subsurface understanding to your assets.

Maximize reservoir value 

Focus on the most promising development strategies that will help maximize asset value with an agile asset management approach.

  • Efficient field development: Generate uncertainty-aware drainage alternatives integrated to wells and facilities to ensure technically sound and optimal field development plans.

  • Enhance asset value: Supports fact-based, data-driven, low-bias, risk-aware decision-making, to enable significantly better business outcomes. 

  • Uncover production gaps : Systematically reveal productivity improvements and explore multiple strategies that boost performance such as optimizing flow rates for existing wells, implementing new wells, and refining injection and producing well flows to improve drainage. 

  • Integrated field management insights: Connect planning and operations with an interactive 'system of systems' of digital twins featuring subsurface, wells, reservoirs, and facilities. 


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