Optimize production by reducing skin and mitigating water production


X-Tend Acid Stimulation Service has been successfully in different applications, including matrix acidizing, acid fracturing, and wellbore cleanout, in both land and offshore applications. X-Tend acid has been used in BHT as high as 340°F (171°C).


Well A is an oil well producing from a HP/HT, naturally fractured carbonate formation (JSK) offshore Mexico. The well had a 5-5/8” OH completion (19,517 ft – 20, 439 ft, 862 ft Interval, BHT ~316°F, flow capacity of 112 mD-ft). Operator wanted to optimize production by reducing skin and mitigating water production at the same time.

Halliburton Custom Chemicals Solution

X-Tend Acid stimulation service was selected to optimize acid efficiency by allowing deeper penetration of live acid into the formation. Guidon® AGS was used as the acid diverter to help mitigate water production. The treatment was designed by pumping a solvent preflush to remove organic deposits (176 bbls), followed by pumping 380 bbls of X-Tend acid. 


After the treatment, Well A is producing at steady conditions with an oil producing increase of 1567 BOPD and watercut reduction of 16 percent.

Treatment Choke Size (in) QT (BFOD) Q0 (BOPD) WC (%) PTP (PSI)
Before 1/2 9,590 7,480 22 5,903
After 1/2 9,583 9,047 5.6 6,372

barrels of oil per day Increase


watercut reduction


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