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An operator needed a solution for efficiently gravel packing a well


Offshore Malaysia



  • An operator in Malaysia needed a solution for efficiently gravel packing a well that was part of an infill drilling campaign with a very tight deadline for delivery of the wells


  • Halliburton recommended the deployment of an Integrated Well Intervention Vessel (IWIV) to perform the gravel-pack treatment on this well
    • This solution is scalable and can be customized according to customers’ needs and challenges


  • The IWIV successfully performed the gravel-packing treatment on the wellwith excellent operational efficiency
  • The IWIV completed the entire operation within 36 hours and then demobilized from the rig
  • Using the IWIV enabled the operator to save approximately USD 300,000


Malaysia’s first fracturing vessel was set up in 2010, using modular skid units; since then, eight vessels have been rigged up and rigged down. Each time, the team considered arranging for a permanent frac vessel setup, but there wasn’t enough work or capitalavailable to justify such a vessel.

The year 2014 was the turning point in the oil and gas industry, as prices of crude started to decline; and activity started to decline. Activity also declined, as most operators were forced to scale back on their CAPEX and OPEX. The Halliburton team took a proactive approach by thinking out of the box. During a discussion with one of the marine vendors, the idea of an Integrated Well Intervention Vessel (IWIV) on callout was perceived, whereby everyone would agree to pitch in and absorb their own costs to realize the concept.

The IWIV concept was officially launched to the customers on July 1, 2015. The IWIV features a full suite of well intervention equipment, including fracturing and stimulation equipment, coiled tubing units, e-line and slickline. The IWIV is scalable based on customers’ needs, thus lowering costs.


An operator had planned to gravel pack a well as part of an infill drilling campaign. The operator’s challenge required meeting a very tight deadline for delivery of the wells, along with simultaneously managing drilling, completions and gravel-pack equipment on a tenderassisted rig. The original plan called for a skid-based, gravel-pack equipment package, which would have taken up most of the deck space and also required a lot of time on critical paths for mobilization and demobilization activities.


Halliburton recommended the deployment of the IWIV, and then customized the solution to perform the gravel-pack treatment on this well. This solution removed the need for the operator to mobilize a pumping spread to the rig, thus saving valuable time from mobilization/demobilization and rig-up/rig-down operations. It also freed up deck space, allowing for greater flexibility in rig/platform-based operations. At the same time, the IWIV also provided logistical support by carrying cargo to and from the rig.


hour operation


USD operation costs saved


days in rig-time costs saved


The IWIV vessel delivered significant rig time savings to the customer compared to traditional skid-based packages, and saved approximately USD 300,000 on logistical and fuel costs. The overall operation also benefited from increased safety and efficiency, thus lowering operational costs and maximizing the asset’s overall value for the customer.

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