Specific Challenge

High temperature-dependent environment

Region - South Texas Region - South Texas

Austin Chalk formation

Region - South Texas


  • Highly temperature-dependent environment 
  • Well costs  
  • Cleanout with pressure anomalies 
  • Limited facilities 
  • Limited plug provider options


Illusion® Prestige dissolvable frac plug

  • Ball in place capability 
  • Anti-preset feature 
  • Surface efficiency  
  • Predictable dissolution 
  • True 10,000-psi performance



  • Validated technology, with proven performance during fracturing operations
  • Successfully pulled out of hole after encountering a casing restriction 
  • Met and exceeded all customer requirements


With the release of the Illusion® Prestige dissolvable frac plug, Halliburton recognized an opportunity to expand the available options in the challenging Austin Chalk formation. The team deployed the Illusion Prestige frac plugs in a trial well that consisted of 5 ½-inch, 23-lb/ft casing run to a measured depth of 16,000 feet (4877 meters), a true vertical depth of 10,500 feet (3200 meters) and bottomhole static temperature of 270°F. Freshwater was used to pump the plugs to depth. This successful trial run highlighted the plug’s ability to provide efficient and reliable runs, ball action and quick cleanout. In addition, the robust design with anti-preset feature allowed for pulling a plug out of hole after encountering a casing restriction. 

Illusion Prestige dissolvable technology proved it can provide operators a reliable alternative to degradable plastic materials, with consistent performance during fracturing operations.


The Austin Chalk formation presents unique challenges, such as limited flowback facilities and pressure anomalies that can create difficulties during cleanouts. Such challenges necessitate a frac plug that requires minimal intervention. 


Designed for increased efficiency and reliability, the bottom-set Illusion Prestige frac plug predictably dissolves in well environments after reliably holding pressure during fracturing operations, which leads to faster and easier wellbore cleanouts. The surface makeup process takes minimal time, and the robust design with anti-preset feature reduces risks while running in hole to enable faster run-in speeds.

thousand psi performance


Illusion® Prestige frac plugs now run by customer


The Illusion Prestige frac plug proved its ability to improve operational efficiency, with its quick and easy makeup on surface and ability to run the ball in place while reliably getting to depth. Predictable dissolution helped minimize intervention during cleanout. In addition, the plug’s anti-preset feature and robust design helped ensure the plug remained intact when it encountered a restriction while running in hole. The plug was successfully pulled out of hole with only a mark on the muleshoe observed.

Performance exceeded expectations and the operator is now running Illusion Prestige frac plugs 100%. This successful performance proved the Illusion Prestige frac plug can provide operators a reliable dissolvable plug option not only in the difficult Austin Chalk formation but all of North America Land.

Frac Plugs

Improves operational efficiencies before and after the plug dissolves

The Illusion® Prestige frac plug is another evolutionary step in Halliburton dissolvable frac plug technology that features a robust, optimized design to improve operational efficiency and reliability.

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Illusion® Prestige Frac Plug
Illusion® Prestige Frac Plug

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