Designed for simplicity and dependability

Halliburton SSP wellhead plugs feature a primary metal-to-metal seal and a composite packing stack. These plugs are typically rated for 10,000-psi (15,000-psi test) pressures from above and below. The wellhead plug features demonstrate the benefits of Halliburton design expertise and field experience.


  • Conventional tubing hangers
  • Platform horizontal trees
  • Subsea horizontal trees


  • Dedicated wellhead design
  • Internal fish neck
  • Top no-go locator
  • Single or multiple seal stacks
  • Equalizing option
  • High-pressure seal stack


  • Helps reduce tubing hanger, tree housing, and services costs
  • Minimizes service riser dimension/costs
  • Helps save time and costs using slickline to install
  • Field-proven technology
  • Compatible with other Halliburton downhole landing nipples

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