Simulation solutions for reservoir and well optimization

The advanced multiphase, 3-D, four-component, non-isothermal numerical reservoir simulator optimizes and designs various well treatments such as fracturing, conformance, and sand control. QuickLook can predict production from complex wells and reservoirs. 

The simulator provides a logical and very easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for entering complex data required for accurate numerical simulation. The GUI has consistency checks, supplemental plots, interactive graphics, and other necessary tools.

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You can also have access to QuikLook to simulate reservoir performance

QuikLook software is available for our customers to best design and simulate treatments. 

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Non-Aqueous fluid gravel packing technique

Quicker, smarter, more proactive decision making

The QuikLook simulator can help predict the outcome of several operations in a wide variety of wellbore configurations including multi-lateral: 


  • Fracturing vertical, horizontal, and deviated wells
  • Clean-up of fracturing fluid filtrate

Fluid Flow

  • Coning effect
  • Channeling effect
  • Water shutoff techniques

Sand Control

  • Effect of geomechanics on production
  • Combined with a companion Finite Element Simulator, QuikLook simulator can predict the amount of produced sand

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