Design, model, and collaborate 

Halliburton InSite for Well Intervention (IWI) design software offers a robust modeling tool to create customized solutions for specific intervention challenges. Users may simulate operating scenarios, collaborating with Halliburton subject matter experts and internal resources, to investigate any anticipated working conditions. 

This in-depth insight into the job design and collaborative modeling can help align operational expectations and execution strategies between the operator and service provider in order to deliver tailored intervention solutions for coiled tubing and hydraulic workover, improving the reliability of a proposed operation.

Did you know

You can also have access to IWI for your well intervention

Available as a web-based application, IWI helps you optimize your slickline, wirelinecoiled tubing, and hydraulic workover

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Inside the fracturing van
Nitrogen Purging System

INSITE for Well Intervention

Software Features

  • In-depth modeling and design software for well intervention
  • Modes for coiled tubing and jointed pipe
  • Force and limit models
  • Hydraulic models
  • Pipe fatigue models
  • Drag and reach analysis
  • Solids removal analysis
  • Customized string design
  • Depth-based plotting
  • Detailed job analysis and comparative review
  • Shareable models and components
  • Collaborative planning for job optimization


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