Singe-trip, multistage perforations

Halliburton Hydra-Jet TS tool is the latest generation of abrasive perforating tools that utilize jet orifices to focus a fluid slurry into a flow stream capable of cutting through metal, cement, and/or rock.

Hydra-Jet TS tools provide an option to abrasively perforate multiple stages in a well on a single run, and without the need for explosives, and enables additional services to be combined into the intervention, such as pre- and post-well cleanouts, acidizing, or other services, without the need for additional runs.

Customizable with greater service reliability


  • Customizable jet configurations
  • Wear life up to 10 times higher than conventional abrasive perforating tools
  • Modular design simplifies redress
  • Can be combined with additional intervention services in one run
  • Eliminates the need for explosives
  • Positive skin results in lower breakdown pressures and increased permeability


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