High cement performance when and where you need it

Working in harsh environments like subterranean basins demands a cement system that delivers high-performance, compressive strength, elasticity, and provides shear bonds at lower densities. NeoCem™ cement delivers on all points. NeoCem is the result of Halliburton’s research and development team discovering synergies between the chemical and physical properties of specialized materials when combined with Portland cement. The NeoCem cement system is the first low-Portland oilfield cement system capable of improving the integrity of the hydraulic annular seal and the set-sheath elasticity. 

NeoCem™ Cement System

Withstand downhole dynamics with a lower density cement

Many believe that higher density equals higher performance. 

NeoCem™ cement is a low-Portland cement system that delivers high-performance compressive strength, elasticity, and shear bond at a lower density than conventional cement systems.

With NeoCem, wells can withstand the downhole dynamic demands from continual pressure and temperature changes throughout the life of the asset.

A lower density system proven to perform

NeoCem cement delivers annular barrier properties that help withstand cyclic loading from casing expansion and contraction during production, as well as shut in and/or the concussive forces during drilling and completion. The annular barrier is engineered to resist failure from deformation, fatigue from cycling loading and corrosion, even though pressures and temperatures change throughout the life of a well.

NeoCem is the first low-Portland cement system capable of improving the integrity of a hydraulic annular seal, as well as the set-sheath elasticity. In laboratory testing, performance properties of NeoCem cement were compared to conventional, higher density cement systems. Higher density cement systems typically demonstrate higher compressive strengths, while lower density cement systems generally present reduced performance. 

While, most lighter cements don’t have the strength of a heavier one, Halliburton has pushed the boundaries on what is possible by creating a lighter cement that is flexible and still provides compressive strength.  


Higher Shear Bond


Compressive Strength Improvements


Greater Elasticity


Compressive Strength-to-Young’s-Modulus Ratio