Revolutionary diverter technology

The Guidon AGS acid diversion system complements virtually any acid treatment to help assure all targeted zones are acidized. With Halliburton exclusive chemical technology, the system is placed in alternating stages with the acid through the entire treatment. Once the acid stimulation treatment is completed, Guidon AGS can help provide potential reduction to formation water production.

Easy to use, with a variety of benefits

  • Effectively diverts acid stimulation treatments from high permeability to low-permeability zones
  • Provides diversion fluid properties for optimum coverage when targeting long intervals, independently of the pumping rate
  • Provides highly effective acid diversion without viscosity or gelation
  • Immediately adsorbs to the rock surface to provide leak-off control at the matrix level
  • No mechanical isolation required. It can be bullheaded or pumped through a coiled tubing (CT) unit
  • Easily mixed (batch-mixed or pumped on the fly)
  • No need for breaker or cleanup stage. Excellent regained permeability to hydrocarbons
  • Can help provide potential reduction to formation water production

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