Real-time formation pressure testing on demand

The GeoTap® formation pressure testing service provides real-time formation pressure measurements bridging the gap between drilling safety and optimization. By providing early and reliable measurements of key reservoir properties, the GeoTap formation pressure testing service enhances reservoir understanding and completion design in real time. 

Drill to produce

  • Increase operation safety
  • Determine optimal mud weight and manage ECD
  • Increase drilling efficiency
  • Determine precise overbalance for maximizing ROP

Enhance reservoir understanding

  • Improve formation evaluation
  • Identify fluid contact points
  • Determine reservoir connectivity, compartmentalization, and depletion

Reduce well time

  • Monitor hole-cleaning operations continuously with pressure-while-drilling, while reducing formation damage due to swab & surge
  • Save time and money by reducing rig down time associated with wireline testing


  • Increase drilling efficiency and operational safety
  • Reduce drilling risks by optimizing mud weight
  • Improve formation evaluation
  • Obtain real-time fluid gradients and fluid mobility (permeability/viscosity indicator)
  • Identify fluid contact points and determine reservoir connectivity/compartmentalization, and depletion
  • Monitor hole-cleaning operations continuously with pressure-while-drilling
  • Determine optimal mud weight and manage ECD


  • Flexibility and control, including selection of variable drawdown rates, buildup times, and test interruption via Geo-Span downlink service
  • Smart test mode with auto-selected pre-test volumes for optimized pressure testing
  • Pumps Off test compressed data can be transmitted after the test
  • Options for high overbalance testing and HPHT conditions

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