Designed to provide reliable service for the life of the well

The DuraSleeve® Sliding Side-Door® circulation and production sleeve is a full opening device with an inner sleeve that can be repeatedly opened and closed to gain communication between the tubing/casing annulus. A nipple profile in the top sub and a polished bore in the bottom sub are standard features, which allow accessory tools such as a Side-Door choke or separation tool to be set across the DuraSleeve device.

The DuraSleeve device incorporates Halliburton DURATEF™ engineered composite material (ECM) seals completely eliminating any elastomers from the tool. These seals provide a more easily shifted sleeve while providing reliable service for the life of the well.



  • Single string selective completions 
  • Providing a path for circulating heavier or lighter fluids 
  • Secondary recovery


  • Polished sealbores in both top and bottom subs 
  • All seals are non-elastomer 
  • Circulation/production flow area is equal to DuraSleeve device ID 
  • Collet provides positive sleeve location in the closed, equalizing, and open position 
  • Open up and open down versions available 


  • Reliable operation over the life of the well 
  • Can be opened repeatedly against high differential pressures 
  • Can be shifted in high debris or sandy environments 
  • Several sleeves can be shifted in a single slickline trip 
  • Individual sleeves can be opened or closed selectively 
  • Slickline-run accessory tools can be set within the DuraSleeve device

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Subsurface flow controls

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