The power of simulation

Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFG) is a proprietary software package used to engineer the fluids program and align optimal properties to the operator’s drilling plan. Halliburton recommends flow rates, rate of penetrations, and pipe rotation speed, based on the hole cleaning and ECD feedback received from DFG software. 

This helps the operator with their AFE budgets and casing design. We uses data from DFG to design our high-performance systems to include the optimum rheological profile for the most efficient operations.


  • Proprietary software package for drilling
  • Simulate a digital version of the wellbore incorporating the well's geometric characteristics
  • Used by Halliburton personnel to help operators define drilling programs


  • Helps with AFE forecasting
  • Sets stage for better casing design
  • Helps design high-performance fluids system to include rheological profile for most efficient operations

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BaraLogix™ Platform

BaraLogix™ Platform

Custom drilling solutions for increased performance, more accurate planning and monitoring, and greater risk mitigation and safety.


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