New generation electrohydraulic control system

The Dash electrohydraulic control (EH) control system brings speed, strength, and simplicity to well control. This key technology is designed to work in conjunction with Halliburton’s Veto® subsea safety systems. The Dash EH system should be added to the Veto system when a rapid well shut-in and unlatching of the landing string may be required. This is of paramount importance when conducting well testing activities from dynamically positioned drilling vessels in water depths up to 10,000 feet (3,038 m).

Dash 3 Small Bore for Exploration and Appraisal

Small bore for exploration and appraisal

Dash 6 & 7 Large Bore for Completion and Intervention

Large bore for exploration and appraisal


  • Full-time direct hydraulic control increases reliability
  • Simplistic design built for efficient, cost-effective operation
  • Modular design enables adaptability to customer-specific requirements
  • Shortest at 23 ft. total length equates to reduced rig-up time and ease of handling
  • Highest external working pressure at 8,000 psi or 10,000 ft. at 15.60 lb./gal.

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