Maintain pressure control, reduce time and cost

The cryogenic freeze service provides a temporary ice plug to maintain pressure control while facilitating the repair or removal of defective surface components. Our specialized cryogenic freeze process uses copper tubing and nitrogen for the controlled freezing of lubricators, tubing, casing, and gate valves.

Freeze operations
Freeze operations

Freeze operations

N₂ liquid nitrogen

  • The process uses copper tubing and nitrogen in a controlled manner, thus regulating and monitoring the flow of nitrogen and allowing the user to safely form an ice plug

Dry ice

  • Ideal for complex applications where pressure isolation is critical and other methods are unavailable. It can also help regain two barriers if a secondary barrier is lost


  • Quick and efficient way to establish a tested, engineered barrier​
  • Allows placement of a barrier for production tree removal with inoperable valves​
  • Tested ice plugs can be set across multiple strings of tubulars​
  • Provides a tested barrier during drilling or workover well control events to facilitate removal or addition of well control components


  • Small footprint with onshore and offshore applications​
  • Rapid deployment with quick and efficient barrier placement​
  • Ability to freeze, multiple casing and tubing strings, wellhead components, drillpipe and workover strings

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