Critical real-time measurements for well placement, drilling optimization, and borehole quality

The BaseStar service from Sperry Drilling is an integrated measurement-while-drilling (MWD) service that delivers information to understand drillstring dynamics, manage wellbore trajectory, and safely deliver wells on target and on time. The compact footprint of this complete package moves critical measurements closer to the bit, reduces the length of pilot holes, and drives quicker decisions. 

Optimize drilling performance and well placement

The BaseStar service helps operators fully understand the bottom hole assembly (BHA) position and dynamics in all drilling environments.

Learn about the BaseStar Service

Learn about the BaseStar Service

Continuous data, precise positioning

The BaseStar service takes pumps-off static surveys for reduced well time and accurate geometric wellbore positioning. High-frequency, continuous inclination and azimuth measurements enable automation through the automated drilling service from Sperry Drilling to adapt to downhole uncertainty and accurately place the well. The BaseStar service provides high-resolution gamma-ray logs for correlation between wells, along with gamma-ray borehole images to further reduce the geological uncertainty of the reservoir in real time and enhance well placement. 

Reduced well time

Downhole torque, weight, and vibration measurements drive real-time decision-making for improved drilling efficiency and optimal rate of penetration. Real-time bore and annular pressure measurements allow monitoring of equivalent circulating density and rapid decisions to modify drilling and drilling-fluid parameters or operating procedures to improve hole-cleaning efficiency. This comprehensive sensor package allows operators to mitigate risks such as pack-offs and tool damage, monitor and efficiently transfer weight and torque along the drillstring, minimize wasted energy transfer, and manage drilling dysfunction, which minimizes non-productive time and reduces well time.

Improve wellbore stability

Real-time hole shape and annular-pressure measurements allow ongoing evaluation of wellbore stability and effective control of the mud program to protect formation integrity and mitigate hole problems. In the pumps-off mode, the service measures the minimum, maximum, and average pressures during non-circulating periods and transmits the results to the surface when circulation resumes. These measurements help avoid lost circulation and detect flow or kicks immediately. The BaseStar service also reduces the risk of problems caused by unexpected fracture or collapse. On extended-reach wells, real-time information helps to maintain wellbore pressures within safe operating limits.

Improve the accuracy of survey measurements

Directional data from the BaseStar service supports Sperry Drilling survey management services that can increase the accuracy of the survey measurements by correcting for localized environmental influences. 


  • Improve accuracy of geometric well placement and understanding of borehole tortuosity
  • Acquire correlation, geosteering, and structural dip measurements
  • Identify casing or coring points and determine accurate shale volumes
  • Improve drilling efficiency and reduce well time
  • Monitor hole cleaning and wellbore stability, and maintain wellbore pressures on extended-reach wells in real time
  • Detect well flows and kicks immediately to maintain well control
  • Reduce the risk of unexpected fracture or collapse


  • Compact 13-ft (4-m) collar design moves critical measurements closer to the bit
  • Definitive pumps-off surveys complemented by continuous inclination and azimuth measurements
  • Comprehensive drilling dynamics from weight on bit, torque on bit, pressure, and vibration measurements
  • High detector sensitivity provides precise gamma-ray measurements and clear borehole images
  • Hole shape and size measurements

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