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BaraLogix Real-Time Service reduces invisible lost time and NPT through advanced hydraulic software, surface measurement automation, and predictive analytics leading to informed decision making.

The BaraLogix Real-Time Service is intended to be a collaborative, cloud-based tool coupled with rig sensors that is primarily used by BaraLogix real-time specialists, drilling engineers, company men, field service representatives, and technical professionals. Its principal function is to serve in a real-time role to identify potential drilling events related to downhole pressure/hole cleaning and recommend remedial actions that can reduce well construction time. In addition to these recommendations, it will recommend optimal drilling rate of penetration (ROP) and tripping speeds. It is intended to streamline the workflow with the communications, decision-making, and data transfer between multiple roles.

BaraLogix Real Time Service


Improve drilling efficiency to reduce job duration

  • Reduce pressure-related non product time (NPT)
  • Reduce invisible lost time


BaraLogix Real-Time Service combines advanced hydraulic software, surface measurement automation, and predictive analytics leading to data-informed decision making

Service Dynamics

  • BaraLogix Density Rheology Unit (DRU) - real-time fluid data
  • Digital Twin from a pressure perspective with cuttings location & ECD connected to EDR 
  • DrillAhead hydraulics- predictive analytics ahead of the bit
  • Monitoring personnel provide interventions for potential events with mitigation steps for a problem avoidance
  • MaxROP & MaxTrip





High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT)

Modular unit providing trending analysis that is traceable, autonomous, and highly visible to the well construction team

  • Reduce Risk
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Communicate Performance

The Equipment

In addition to the data from the rig’s sensors, the service utilizes custom equipment to provide inputs for fluid properties at intervals that cannot be attained manually.  The automated BaraLogix Density and Rheology Unit (DRU) provides fluid density every minute and fluid rheology every 10-20 minutes. 

The Digital Twin

The BaraLogix service builds a digital twin of the wellbore pressures, location of cuttings, and provides constraints associated with equivalent circulating density and hole cleaning management.  The BaraLogix software is fed from the equipment and sensors listed above.  It also pulls from a custom fluid’s library to understand the downhole effects on the fluids’ density and rheology; thereby, understanding the pressure impact.  BaraLogix uses an industry-leading algorithm for cuttings transport and acts as a historian.  The system takes a cradle to grave view of the cuttings, meaning that it tracks a cutting from the time it is generated at the bit until it exits via the flow line.  

The Intervention

The deviation between the BaraLogix predictions and actual values indicates dysfunction.  The BaraLogix real-time specialist uses the software and its built-in event detection algorithms to identify the type and the likelihood of a non-productive time incident.  The information is communicated as per the pre-job established communication protocol to the appropriate personnel via an Intervention.  An intervention lists the type of dysfunction, a description of the event or probable event, evidence for the detection, and a recommended remedial course of action to avoid the dysfunction from occurring if it has yet to occur or correct it if it has occurred. This aids in the reduction of NPT.  

The Speed

The BaraLogix software is equipped with a DrillAhead™ module, which projects outcomes ahead of the bit based on multiple scenarios and can recommend the optimal drilling parameters.  This module is the foundation of the MaxROP app, which provides the maximum ROP that can be achieved from a hole-cleaning/pressure management perspective.  It also provides the pump rate and rotational speed required to achieve that maximum ROP.  This feature is important because most operations can out-drill their ability to clean the hole.  The goal of the MaxROP optimization is to provide the fastest time to construct the current section of the wellbore; therefore, it may constrain the current speed to reduce hole cleaning and backreaming time required after on bottom drilling is complete.  


MaxTrip similarly provides the maximum rate of tripping pipe in the form of the acceleration and velocity at which pipe can be tripped out or into the hole.  It provides this information for every stand and will utilize the gel information from the equipment above.  The reason that it provides this information for each stand is that the rate at which the next stand can move is dependent on the last connection time.  The maximum acceleration/velocity of a stand after a 3-minute connection is very different from these maximums after a 13-minute connection. 

The BaraLogix Real-Time Service has proven to aid the drilling team in reducing AFE days by as much as 30%.


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