Accurate density measurements

The ALD™ azimuthal lithodensity service provides reliable measurements for a wide range of petrophysical and geological applications. The ALD service allows real-time formation imaging in oil-based and water-based mud systems. It offers accurate density for reservoir evaluation, and high-quality borehole images for structural dip interpretation and better geosteering decisions. Coupled with an onboard ultrasonic caliper, the ALD service delivers hole-shape measurements for borehole stability analysis. 

The first and only logging-while-drilling density service mounted on a 9-1/2-inch drill collar. For boreholes up to 14-1/2 inches in diameter.

Reveal borehole shape, identify hole spiraling, and assess stress-induced breakouts.

Gain a better understanding of the lithology and accurately evaluate reserves.  

Mitigate borehole stability problems and accurately place the well in the target zone. 


  • Acquire real-time formation images in oil-based or water-based mud 
  • Identify and evaluate gas zones (with CTN™ compensated thermal neutron service)
  • Optimize wellbore placement through precise geosteering
  • Refine the Earth model by measuring structural dip in real time
  • Improve understanding of mechanical rock properties (with the QBAT™ or XBAT™ sonic services)


  • Density, photoelectric (Pe) absorption, and acoustic standoff data in 16 azimuthally oriented sectors
  • For boreholes between 5-1/2 and 14-1/2 inches
  • Desgined to provide direct measurements of standoff, borehole diameter, and borehole geometry

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