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Halliburton AccessAcid stimulation service helps improve acid coverage in sandstone and carbonate reservoirs, beyond the capabilities of conventional diversion systems. This service effectively diverts acid stimulation treatments from high-permeability and naturally fractured zones to low-permeability zones, to maximize reservoir contact

AccessAcid integrated service delivers optimum acid placement through self-degradable particulate with proprietary multi-modal, customized particle blends to optimize acid placement. The diversion agent is placed in alternating stages with the acid service throughout the entire treatment. Once the acid stimulation treatment is completed, the particulates in the diversion agent will self-degrade based upon reservoir temperature, eliminating the need for a cleanup or removal treatment.

Ensure successful acid stimulation in the most challenging reservoir conditions

AccessAcid features and benefits: 
  • Customized particle blends provide near-wellbore and/or far-field diversion.
  • Particulates in the diversion system self-degrade completely at a predicted time based on bottomhole temperature.
  • Easily mixed (batch-mixed or pumped on the fly)
  • No need for breaker or cleanup stage, and excellent regained permeability to hydrocarbons
  • Wide temperature range of application, ranging from 120°F (49°C) to 300°F (149°C)
  • Applicable to sandstone, carbonate and shale reservoirs. Compatible with most common acid stimulation treatments, including Halliburton Carbonate 20/20™ and Sandstone 2000™ acidizing services
  • Service can be combined with SPECTRUM® Diagnostic Services for real-time injection and diversion monitoring.

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