Halliburton Lab Finalists Pitch Day: Nerves, excitement, and the energy future

Halliburton Lab Finalists Pitch Day: Nerves, excitement, and the energy future

Early phase companies pitch new technologies and energy solutions for a chance to join a year-long program that helps them grow and scale their businesses

Amina Rivera
Amina Rivera October 21, 2022

Recently, 10 early-stage companies pitched new technologies and energy solutions in Houston to a panel of Halliburton executives and energy experts for an opportunity to join Halliburton Labs – a “Scalerator” committed to advance cleaner, affordable, and reliable energy. Participants selected for the year-long program receive the full support of the Halliburton Labs team, as well as access to Halliburton's facilities, global networks, and technical expertise to grow and scale their innovative businesses. 

“When we look at these companies, we consider how Halliburton, through Halliburton Labs, can impact their growth journey. We connect Halliburton Labs participants with hands-on industrial experience and knowledge at the scale of the global energy system,” said Dianna Singh, operations, and startup success manager for Halliburton Labs. “This is a good opportunity for the energy innovation ecosystem to learn about exciting companies who develop solutions to advance cleaner, affordable energy.”

The Halliburton Labs team and finalists get ready for the presentations
The Halliburton Labs team and finalists get ready for the presentations

The Big Day

Finalists, often a tangle of nerves and excitement, prepare notable presentations with eye-catching graphics and meticulous data to impress the judges and the more than 350 in-person and online audience members, including corporate and venture capital investors, members of academia, founders, and other clean tech enthusiasts, who watched live.

Christine Parrish, the business development and product strategy lead at Compact Membrane Systems (CMS), a company that develops separations solutions to improve chemical plant operations efficiency and reduce emissions, and one of the finalists hoping to be selected by Halliburton Labs, said, “It was a little nerve racking getting ready to talk in front of this many people, but the CMS team was really excited, and everyone was working together to gather the information we needed to present here in Houston.”

“You never know how these things are gonna go and how they’re gonna be received, so you get butterflies,” added Halliburton Labs hopeful and CEO of Influit Energy, John Katsoudas. “I just tried to be myself.” Influit has a different vision for the electrification of transportation using a nanotechnology-based flow battery with rechargeable materials suspended in water-based electrolytes.

The finalists pitched solutions across the energy value chain, from hydrogen and decarbonization technologies to advanced sensors and pipe corrosion inspection.

“It is always good to hear what the companies are pitching in these spaces,” said Halliburton Director of Global Stewardship and Sustainability Andres Cabada. “Everything around carbon capture and hydrogen is certainly novel and could be of interest for us.”

“We evaluate these Pitch Day finalists on a number of factors, such as their potential to contribute to the energy ecosystem of the future,” said Zainub Noor, director of scouting and innovation for Halliburton Labs. “What can they contribute from a technology standpoint? What is their business potential and technology potential for the future? It’s a very holistic review for Halliburton and Halliburton Labs to contribute to the future of energy.”

The audience eagerly awaits the next presentation
The audience eagerly awaits the next presentation

Learn About the Energy Future

Michael Harding, executive professor at the Mays School of Business at Texas A&M, brought a group of his finance and accounting students to hear about renewable energy and the funding opportunities startups use to develop new technology and scale their businesses.

Harding said, “Energy is evolving and growing, so I really wanted to expose my students to some of the startups out there. Pitch Day is the perfect venue for them to get exposure to startup companies seeking funding. Those are the things they’re going to be looking at and experiencing in their careers.”

Neda Adi, a Halliburton software project manager for Wireline and Perforating, brought her daughter Yasmine to network and meet the finalist in person. “It’s definitely exciting to see what these companies can bring to Halliburton and what they’re offering,” Yasmine said. “Last time, I watched Pitch Day online. This time I was in person, and it was exciting to see everybody and even talk to the contestants.”

In the coming weeks, Halliburton Labs will announce the latest cohort of companies to join the industrial scaling program, so stay tuned!

The Halliburton Labs team and Finalists have a chance to network after the presentations
The Halliburton Labs team and Finalists have a chance to network after the presentations

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