Perfecting our Craft in Norway

Halliburton celebrates 1,000 installations of VersaFlex ® Expandable Liner Hangers in Norway.

January 5, 2023 - In 2005, Halliburton installed the first VersaFlex® Expandable Liner Hanger system in Norway, a first of its kind in the Eastern Hemisphere. This successful installation paved the way for VersaFlex, an innovative liner hanger technology to be selected and installed more than 1,000 times in Norway over the past 17 years. Unlike typical liner hanger systems, VersaFlex has no packer element or slips, which increases reliability of running liners and other deployed solutions to depth.

An original team of eight onshore and offshore employees laid the groundwork for delivering the solutions in Norway, leading to a rapid adoption rate in the market. Almost 17 years later, the Completion Tools team that supports VersaFlex in Norway stands at just over 70 employees who collaborate with multiple clients to deliver world class liner solutions to meet their growing technical demands. 

Following the first VersaFlex installation offshore Norway, Halliburton performed numerous expandable liner hanger installations with zero service quality issues or non-productive time. As new opportunities emerged, Halliburton expanded the VersaFlex portfolio to include new product offerings, such as the XtremeGrip® and VersaFlex XSL expandable liner hangers as well as the XtremeGrip® MLT System that has been released to support Completion Tools’ multi-lateral solutions.

With the addition of the XtremeGrip liner hanger to the product line, Norway expanded its offering to include V0-rated solutions that require high pressure, temperature, and anchor ratings. The one-piece design and metal-to-metal sealing allows the Halliburton Norway team to install liner hangers in even the harshest well conditions.

The Norway VersaFlex team’s philosophy to find innovative solutions, work with the customer transparently, and react with agility contributes to the success of the region. With 1,000 installations (and counting), the VersaFlex expandable liner hanger technology helps operators in Norway reach new levels of operating efficiency by delivering purposed technology with distinctive service quality.


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