Deepwater Areas

Halliburton’s global footprint encompasses deepwater plays around the world.

There’s practically no job Halliburton can’t handle efficiently. We support clients with:

  • Fixed bases in more than 80 countries
  • Remote solutions for emerging areas with little industry infrastructure such as the Arctic, East Africa and Eastern Mediterranean.

We service frontier plays and emerging markets with a variety of strategies coordinated from the nearest fixed base. Such strategies include logistics partnerships that effectively shorten supply lines. Our logistics team has reduced the delivery time for equipment by 25 percent in the last two years alone.

Strategies for handling remote areas also include greater use of satellites, real-time centers, and portable operations, repair and maintenance facilities.

Halliburton already has a major presence in all of the world’s leading deepwater producing areas:

  • Today, Africa ranks one of the most significant deepwater provinces in the world. Halliburton has over 50 years of successful operations in Nigeria alone, while expanding its business in some of East Africa’s most challenging frontier areas.
  • Halliburton has over 50 years experience in the Arctic. It covers over 8.2 million square miles, with 62% of that area offshore, it is seen as a resource rich storehouse of oil, gas, heavy oil and methane hydrates waiting to be explored.
  • In Asia Pacific, deepwater activity is growing rapidly, particularly in China, India and Australia. Halliburton’s technologies have been proven in the region, increasing drilling efficiency and improving overall asset value for operators.
  • Halliburton is working with key operators in Brazil to pioneer innovative technology required to produce oil from some of the world’s most complex fields. Located as much as 7,000 ft below the water, these fields are buried far underneath salt layers that can be another 6,500-ft thick.
  • In the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), Halliburton has been involved in more than 50 high-profile deepwater drilling projects and has drilled more than100 wells. As the market leader in deepwater completions, we have completed over 350 deepwater wells in the GOM.