Well Control Response

The most capable well control specialists and engineers in the world with equipment ready to deploy 24/7

Whether it's a blowout or complex well control problem, your call to Boots & Coots Services will be answered by the most highly capable group of well control specialists and engineers in the world.

Well Control Equipment Shop

Our senior well control specialists have been in the business for many years and have the distinction of handling the most complex blowouts and well fires, including snubbing out Algeria's infamous Devil's Cigarette Lighter in 1961. We were there for the Bay of Marchand blowout, North Sea Piper Alpha, Operation Desert Storm in Kuwait, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Macondo in the Gulf of Mexico. And we continue to be there when our clients need our services.

Whatever your well control challenge, Boots & Coots has the expertise and equipment to respond and help you to take control of your well. Our fleet of equipment is ready to be deployed 24/7 based on your needs.

Pipe Rack
The Boots & Coots specially designed pipe rack is used to transport all necessary support equipment used in conjunction with Boots and Coots fire pumps. Included are all necessary piping, hoses, fittings, and tools required for operations.
Porta Lathe Cutter
The Porta-Lathe cutter is a specialized cutter used to cold cut tubing, drillpipe, or casing. The cutter is equipped with either an air or hydraulic motor, and features a self-feeding system that allows the operator to maintain adequate distance while cutting during critical situations.
Athey Wagon
The Boots & Coots specialized Athey Wagon is used in conjunction with a D-8 or D-9 bulldozer equipped with a hydraulic winch. It can also be used to kill blowout wells by stinging into tubing or drillpipe and is used to mount the abrasive jet cutter on wellhead.
Jet Cutter
The abrasive jet cutting system is designed to be easily positioned on a burning well, and uses sand and water to abrade the wellhead or surface equipment. This allows the well to flow in a vertical direction, making it possible to extinguish the fire with water.
Fire Pump
The Series 60 Turbo-Charged 14.0 L Diesel fire pump is rated at 600 continuous BHP at 2100 RPM. This unit includes an air starter and radiator cooling system, air-driven jet priming pump, a 13 ft3/min (0.006 m3/s) air compressor, and a 6-in. pipe lifting frame with a single point lift eye.
Job Box
The Boots & Coots portable job box contains miscellaneous tools and supplies needed on large as well as minor well control incidents. Included are items such as non-sparking brass hammers, pneumatic tools, pipe wrenches, hammer wrenches, hand tools, gauges, bull plugs, and other specialized tools used on blowout and fire situations.

Well Control Response

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