Fiber Optic Interrogators & Software

FiberWatch® and SmartFiber™ Service interrogators are industry leading surface systems that utlize temperature, acoustic and pressure results to monitor and track fluid movement along a wellbore and between wells.  This technology applies to all markets including unconventionals, heavy oil, mature fields, and deep water. To complement these interrogators, FiberView software is changing the way the industry views fiber optic results to provide faster and more reliable results.

FiberWatch® DTS Service Interrogators

  • Hydrogen Tolerant (HT)
    FiberWatch DTS HT represents our dual laser, hydrogen tolerant line of DTS interrogation.  These interrogators are purpose built to support fiber optic deployments in the harshest of downhole environments.  In some cases, down hole fiber optic cables will degrade as a result of hydrogen ingress.  That impact can be mitigated, in many cases entirely, by the FIberWatch DTS HT interrogation product line.  This patented technology forms the foundation of our interrogation services.

  • Single Laser (SL) 
    FiberWatch DTS SL represents our single laser DTS interrogation product.  This robust and proven approach provides a more simple yet effective method of acquiring DTS results.  In many cases, a single laser interrogator is a more cost effective method of acheiving the desired result.  These interrogators have been deployed and used for years in places the world over.

  • Single Mode (SM)
    FiberWatch DTS SM representes our single mode DTS interrogator.  This revolutionary product allows for temperature data collection on single mode fiber.  In some cases MM fiber may not be available and the only option is to collect both DTS and DAS results from single mode fiber.  This interrogator allows collection of a more complete data set.

  • Low Power (LP)
    FiberWatch DTS HT LP represents our dual laser, low power DTS interrogator.  This interrogator gathers results on multi-mode fiber but is purpose built to require less power and is designed for long term remote monitoring.  This interrogator operates at ambient temperatures up to 60C and only requires 15 watts of total power.  Its a significant step change for remote fiber optic monitoring. 


FiberWatch® DAS Service Interrogator

FiberWatch DAS (distributed acoustic sensing) is a revolutinary service that utlizes acoustic results to listen to fluid movement along a wellbore and between wells.  This service applies to all markets including unconventionals, heavy oil, mature fields, and deep water.  The FiberWatch DAS technology is a mature technology used to help solve problems around well spacing, stage spacing, and wellbore placement.  This technology also aids in leak detection analysis.

SmartFiber™ Pressure Gauge Interrogators (PGI)

A range of SmartFiber Pressure Gauge Interrogators provide reliable surface acquisition to complement our industry leading downhole sensors. These interrogators are designed to survive in harsh environments to support long term acquisition of results.

FiberView™ Software

FiberView software provides a proven approach to view and analyze fiber optic results for both real-time application as well as post job analysis.  This software platform provides the foundation for capturing the value of information from the fiber optic results for all applications from unconventionals and mature fields, to deep water and heavy oil.

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