Distributed Fiber Optic Services

The backbone of Pinnacle's fiber optic product line is delivering results that impact positive decision making.  StimWatch ® and FlowWatch™ services have been utilized in wells globally to assess stimulation and injection efficiencies while subsequently providing production analysis.  Combining these services or using them independently allows operators to make decisions to improve well and asset performance.

StimWatch® Service

StimWatch service focuses on unconventional resource stimulation results.  This services utilizes both DTS and DAS technologies to delivery quantitative results in regards to cluster efficiency, fluid communication between wellbores, and stimulation coverage across the wellbore, all delivered with realtime data display and analysis.  This pioneering service kickstarted industry activity with fiber optics and is still an industry leading technology in the fiber optics portfolio.


FlowWatch™ Service

FlowWatch service utilizes distributed fiber optic results to focus on production flow profiling.  These measurements can be used to evaluate how production along a well changes in time.  This service has been applied in fields globally to assist in producing wells more effectively.



FIBERSIGHT Map fiber locating sensors eliminate the cost and risk associated with additional mapping runs. With these sensors, cable orientation can be determined immediately following casing deployment, without a wireline mapping run, reducing the total cost of ownership by $200,000.

FIBERSIGHT Map sensors are deployed along the wellbore during the casing run-in-hole to identify and communicate the position and orientation of a fiber optic cable back to the surface.  This service delivers increased precision by providing a fixed position immediately after the casing string lands.

These fiber-locating sensors are part of Halliburton’s FIBERSIGHT® cable services, which have been reengineered to fit standard North America wellbores and hole sizes. This step-change in traditional fiber installation has eliminating the need for wellbore construction changes, such as requiring a larger hole, which impacts drilling schedules, planning cycles and your bottom line.


Distributed Fiber Optic Services

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