AcroClear® Sulfide Controller

Highly Effective Acrolein-Based H2S Scavenger and Iron Sulfide Dissolver Outperforms Conventional Solutions
AcroClear® sulfide controller consistently outperforms conventional chemical solutions, providing highly effective removal of iron sulfide in production and injection wells, and repairing near-wellbore damage caused by iron sulfide deposits and previous acid-jobs. It is also effective in removing iron sulfide-based deposits on pipelines or tubular surfaces, exposing the surface area for an effective corrosion-inhibitor application.

AcroClear sulfide controller is water- and oil-soluble, so it can penetrate oily coatings on iron sulfide particles, and can clarify black water and rid discharge of surface-sheening iron sulfide solids. Unlike acid or THPS treatments, AcroClear sulfide controller is noncorrosive and does not affect the system pH, nor is it affected by iron concentrations. The highly reactive dissolver works quickly, completely and irreversibly. The extremely rapid reaction between AcroClear sulfide controller and H2S can be an advantage when retention time is an issue.

Administered only by trained, Certified AcroClear Technical Specialists (CATS), AcroClear sulfide controller treats at much lower rates than other specialty chemicals, providing a cost-effective dissolver with less environmental impact due to its very short half-life. Although it requires special handling, AcroClear sulfide controller degrades rapidly in water to become nontoxic 3-Hydroxypropenal, making it relatively easy to meet environmental requirements for offshore overboard water disposal and air permits.

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