Ascend™ Surfactant Solutions

Ascend™ surfactant solutions are customizable, dual-component surfactant packages that can penetrate further into the formation than conventional surfactants to access additional trapped hydrocarbons. Along with Multi-Chem’s advanced surfactant technology, Ascend surfactants incorporate a secondary component that is attracted to and adsorbed into the rock surface first, often in the near wellbore region, thereby allowing the surfactant to continue traveling with the fracturing fluid into the fracture network where it is needed most. 


  • Custom-tailored surfactant chemistry designed to optimize production from your specific reservoir source rock
  • Optimal interaction with a broader API gravity range of oils to increase mobility through reservoirs
  • Thermally stable to 350°F (177ºC) for use in a wide range of reservoirs
  • Proven compatibility with all major gel systems and friction reducers


  • Multi-functional surfactant blends
  • Minimized surfactant loss (reduced adsorption near the wellbore region)
  • Enhanced contact area between fracturing fluids and formation reservoir
  • Significant wettability alteration
  • Enhanced oil recovery with reduced chemical cost
  • Yields higher initial production and greater estimated ultimate recovery
  • Optimized usage rates minimize costs and maximize returns
  • Enables use of produced water rather than fresh water in fracturing operations
  • Increased fluid mobility improves lift efficiency, extending pump life

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