Real-Time Operations Support

From collaborative well planning to drilling optimization and more, Halliburton real-time technology helps clients extract more oil and gas – more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Halliburton real-time technology does more than let people see wha's happening at a rig site; it's an essential tool that enables performance improvement in virtually every aspect of oilfield operations.

Real-time optimization of oilfield operations

Halliburton real-time technology enhances data collection, communication, collaboration and control. As data flows in, our technology enables companies to simultaneously monitor, visualize, analyze and optimize most oilfield operations. This real-time capability can reduce the cost and improve the quality of field development planning, drilling, logging, sampling, cementing, completions, interventions, fracturing, production and more. By integrating information in ways that would be difficult on site, you can make better decisions faster in every step of well construction or production supervision.

The right information at the right time

Halliburton makes sure that the right people get the right information at the right time in the right place and in the right format to make the best decisions possible.

For instance, when drilling, Halliburton can create a high resolution picture of the area around the bit and update earth models in real-time to help you stay in the sweet spot.

When fracturing, Halliburton enables clients to monitor variables, such as pumping rates, pressure readings, and proppant volumes, in real-time. Clients can also see frac planes propagate as each job progresses. This helps ensure that fracturing stays in the reservoir and away from water producing zones. Clients can see the extent, direction and density of frac networks in 4D. Halliburton's digital oilfield technologies enhance customers' abilities to increase production and reduce operating expenses.

Customized for your needs

Halliburton can tailor your real-time experience to meet your exact needs and budget. Halliburton offers far more than simple remote connectivity - Halliburton offers:

  • The ability to integrate and analyze wellsite data using software from Landmark, Sperry, Pinnacle and others
  • Complete integrated workflows that help drill wells faster and more safely
  • Knowledgeable consultants who can help you operate systems and interpret information on the fly

Tight integration with other Halliburton services

Compared to other companies that offer simple connectivity, Halliburton offers a wealth of oilfield experience with our real-time technology.

  • In deep water, that expertise can help prevent simple problems from turning into very costly problems
  • In high pressure and high temperature situations, Halliburton can help you stay safely in control
  • In unconventionals, Halliburton can drive down supervisory costs for factory-drilling operations