Execution in Mature Fields

Increasing returns by up to 100%

Did you know that a conventional oil field spends 75% of its life in its declining and, thus, “mature” phase?  In addition, many of today’s mature fields came online 20 or even 30 years ago.  Since then, there have been tremendous advances in reservoir characterization and techniques as well as logging and production technologies. In fact, these new advances now make it possible to increase ultimate recovery in aging fields by another 15 to 20%.

Halliburton has a unique set of mature fields solutions that target these emerging mature fields opportunities.  These solutions, range from detecting by-passed reserves, to state-of-the-art water conformance technology, to cutting-edge enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques.  We collaborate with you to detect where the opportunities are and, then we help you to accelerate getting to additional oil.  Our past experience indicates that for every $1 our mature fields client reinvested in their fields, they got up to $10 back in additional returns.