Development and Collaborative Well Planning

Exploiting unconventional resources requires planning large numbers of wells, pads, and laterals. In the past, workflows were too complex to develop more than one good plan. Now, Halliburton Consulting can help you plan various configurations quickly, and optimize assets based on well spacing, trajectory or cost.

One of the most critical challenges in the development of unconventional reservoirs is the chasm between geoscientists and drilling engineers, who usually tackle technical challenges with disparate software tools and platforms. Halliburton Consulting employs a collaborative well planning process that seamlessly bridges these domains.

Collaborative Well Planning using DecisionSpace® Well Planning software, merges geology, geophysics, earth modeling, well planning, and hydraulic fracture stimulation software into a single E&P environment based on a dynamic, shared framework model.

Using this approach Halliburton Consulting can help you:

  • Finalize a viable well plan with less technical labor and fewer iterations with directional drilling contractors.
  • Spend less time investigating potential surface locations.
  • Optimize well spacing, azimuths, wellbore lengths, wells per pad, and pads per block, which reduces total land area and lowers the environmental footprint.