Halliburton Consulting is a petrotechnical consultancy with expertise in all upstream disciplines—from geology and geophysics to production engineering and petroleum economics. We work with clients to supplement their in-house capabilities, provide insight, render independent opinions, accelerate project development, and make client workflows more efficient.

Why use Halliburton Consulting?

  • You need specific technical expertise that you don’t have inside your organization
  • You want help solving a complex technical or business challenge
  • You are entering a new geography or market type and need to quickly develop your expertise

Our leaders have combined 400 years of oil and gas industry experience, with advanced degrees from top universities, like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge. We are a global organization with 600 consultants working in over 35 countries. The vast majority of our consultants have operator experience; this gives us a combination of first-rate technical expertise and a client’s mindset.

Being a part of Halliburton puts us in the unique position. It enables us to integrate global knowledge, local collaboration, and execution capability to maximize asset value for our clients.

Halliburton Consulting integrates global knowledge, local collaboration, and execution capability to maximize asset value for our clients.

Global Knowledge

We have practices aligned to the four key challenges facing operators today:

  • Unconventionals—opportunity screening, sweet spot localization, techno-economic assessment, and full field development planning
  • Mature Fields—immediate production impact solutions, reservoir rediscovery, and well plug and abandonment
  • Deep Water—well engineering and planning, real-time operations, and petroleum geomechanics
  • Performance Improvement and Capability Development—organizational design, process improvement, change management, and capability development programs

These focused practices are supported by functional groups, which take on projects both inside and outside of the four key challenges:

  • Reservoir Characterization—a global pool of geology, geophysics, and petrophysics experts
  • Reservoir Optimization—a network of reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers, and production specialists

Local Collaboration

As a group, we have worked in every basin in the world. We combine that local knowledge with industry best practices. Because we work with many clients on various issues, we have a good idea of what works, what doesn’t—and what we can improve.

Execution Capability

Before we even make recommendations, we work with experts inside Halliburton who can handle the execution. From sharing vast Halliburton US unconventional experience to suggesting state-of-the-art technologies for mature fields—we integrate operational considerations into our consulting work.

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Summary Summary Halliburton helped assess resource potential and optimize investment decision-making in shale plays
Asset evaluation and risk assessment of unconventional fields
Summary Summary Halliburton to Provide Solutions for Accessing TNK-BP’s Tight Oil Reserves in Russia’s Krasnoleninskoe Field
TNK-BP has selected Halliburton to provide an integrated services solution to increase production from the complex and challenging tight oil reserves...
Summary Summary Workflow integration in deepwater oil field
Operator saved USD $64 million integrating real-time data into production optimization workflows
Summary Summary Proprietary diversion technique succeeds in difficult non-cemented lateral
Halliburton’s AccessFrac® Service overcomes non-cemented lateral environment to accomplish diversion, provide stimulation, and deliver superior production.
Summary Summary Design of Steam Injection – Integrated Digital Oil Fields
Steam injection is the most commonly used method for delivering energy to heavy oil reservoirs in order to increase recovery factors and extend productive life However, under the prevailing low oil price environment, the profit margins of heavy oil projects can be narrow.
Summary Summary Cyclic Steam Injection (CSI) Pilot Design
Well planned CSI can provide significant benefits such as increased production, and increased recovery factor.
Summary Summary Cyclic Steam Injection (CSI) Pilot Design - A4
Well planned CSI can provide significant benefits such as increased production, and increased recovery factor.
Summary Summary Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (cEOR) Pilot Design
Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (cEOR) is a well-known recovery process, widely applicable for light and medium oils, with emerging applicability for heavy oils.
Summary Summary Efficiency and Optimization Consulting
How to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs in Operations
Summary Summary Capability Development and Training
Why is employee Capability Development critical to the success of your E&P business?
Summary Summary EOR Screening and Prioritization Methodology
The Halliburton proprietary EOR screening and prioritization methodology provides screening of single or multiple reservoirs with unprecedented speed by using a small, robust set of key reservoir parameters and taking into account uncertainty ranges and problems of limited or inaccurate data.
Summary Summary Capability Development and Training - A-4
Why is employee Capability Development critical to the success of your E&P business?
Summary Summary Waterflood Optimization: Maximized Economic Benefits
More than half of the world’s oil is produced through waterflooding. Though waterfloods have been applied in oilfields for several decades, there are many challenges to both further improving project performance and avoiding project failure.
Summary Summary Optimizing portfolios amid falling oil prices
Numerical and statistical analyses of shale plays turn up some interesting results.
Summary Summary Earth model assists Permian asset valuation
This article describes a multi-domain model that Laredo, assisted by Halliburton Co., used to define the potential for the Permian-Garden City acreage
Summary Summary Optimizing portfolios amid falling oil prices
Numerical and statistical analyses of shale plays turn up some interesting results.
Summary Summary Consulting and Project Management
Halliburton Consulting and Project Management is one of the few organizations in the world with enough breadth and depth to help you assess, plan, build, and manage entire oil and gas assets.
Summary Summary How to Sustain EOR Value in a Highly Variable Price Environment
The Key to Sustaining EOR Value in a Highly Variable Price Environment
Summary Summary Driving Development Time Reduction in a European IOC’s Offshore Drilling & Completions Processes
To improve the Drilling & Completion processes to decrease the overall development timeline and to improve the speed and quality of execution.
Summary Summary Development of an Integrated Exploitation Plan for a Latin American National Oil Company
A Latin American national oil company requested the development of an integrated exploitation plan for a tight-gas asset.
Summary Summary Expanding Field Development Capability for the Ministry of Petroleum of a Middle Eastern Country
The Ministry of Petroleum engaged Halliburton to assess and increase the level of capability regarding the full field development process within the Ministry’s Exploration and Production oversight group.
Summary Summary Design and Implementation Plan for a Large Integrated National Oil Company’s Real-Time Organization—Asia
The project’s main goal was to design a technological solution, together with the organizational structure and the processes required.
Summary Summary Multi-discipline collaboration using earth model and CYPHER service creates value in Permian Basin.
Laredo Petroleum collaborates with Halliburton to increase reservoir understanding in a multi-target unconventional play
Summary Summary Building a Production Management Framework (PMF) for a European Oil and Gas Company
To develop a Production Management Framework (PMF) to standardize procedures and reduce variability in the quality and consistency of information between assets, impacting forecasting accuracy and operational efficiency.
Summary Summary Pinnacle
Pinnacle provides microseismic and fiber-optic monitoring services that help operators visualize fracturing results, improving understanding of downhole conditions, and reducing uncertainty.
Summary Summary CYPHER Seismic-to-Stimulation Service | Halliburton
CYPHER service applies geoscience techniques and applied engineering to help minimize cost and maximize the net present value of your reservoir assets.
Summary Summary Frac of the Future™
A step change improvement in modern fracturing operations.
Summary Summary AccessFrac® Stimulation Service
AccessFrac stimulation service is Halliburton’s process to optimize proppant distribution for improved long-term production performance.
Summary Summary 3D Petroleum Geomechanics
Risk assessment is a major part of any field�s development plan, and a geomechanical model is an integral tool for assessing risks. t
Summary Summary Consulting - Integrated Reservoir Characterization
As exploration and production companies try to understand more and more about their assets, it is evident that no single discipline can provide a full description of the reservoir characteristics.
Summary Summary Real-Time Operations Support
Halliburton real-time technology does more than let people see what�s happening at a rig site; it�s an essential tool that enables performance improvement in virtually every aspect of oilfield operations.
Summary Summary Well Engineering Solutions
Halliburton Well Engineering consultants develop reliable, efficient drilling programs and designs that reduce risk and costs while improving safety, rate of penetration (ROP) and production.
Summary Summary Petroleum Geomechanics
We bring the full depth of Halliburton's experience from engineering to execution. Our programs deliver actions and results that improve the life of your asset with cost-competitive packages.
Summary Summary Process Design and Optimization
Halliburton�s Performance Improvement and Capability Development team has the experience and foresight to help you diagnose your mature field issues, address your business challenges, and deliver improved asset performance.
Summary Summary Digital Oilfield Design and Implementation
The oil and gas industry has been mesmerized for over a decade by the vision of the Digital Oil Field (DOF), which holds the promise of enabling operators to integrate, interpret and act on production-related information in real time to optimize field operation and development.
Summary Summary Exploration and Basin Screening
Whether in conventional oil and gas plays or unconventional plays, such as shale and tight gas, the Halliburton Reservoir Characterization team specializes in identifying prospects and assessing hydrocarbon potential.
Summary Summary Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
At current oil prices, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is very attractive as a method to increase reserves, production and profitability.
Summary Summary Consulting
We help you add reserves through new discoveries and work with you to reduce risk and produce reliable results.
Summary Summary Field Development Planning (FDP) Consulting
The key to optimizing any asset is understanding all the possible field development plan scenarios.
Summary Summary Integrated Economic Asset Evaluation
When evaluating areas for new investment or locations for operational expansion, a techno-economic asset evaluation is a key decision making tool.
Summary Summary Change Management
When improving productivity involves people, processes and technology, getting to the next level can be challenging.
Summary Summary Drilling and Completions Engineering
Creating an efficient and effective well design is essential whether you are assessing a field development strategy, or preparing for well construction operations.
Summary Summary Capability Development
When it comes to understanding how to train technical staff and managers in unconventional technologies, no one has more experience and success than Halliburton Consulting.
Summary Summary Performance Improvement
If operational or organizational issues keep you from realizing the full potential of your oil or gas asset, Halliburton Consulting�s Performance Improvement and Capability Development team can help.
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