LifeCem™ Cements

Designed for wells where a cement with react and respond features is required

With Tuned Cementing Solutions™ cementing systems, Halliburton has created a set of innovative fit-for-purpose solutions with the flexibility required to allow each system to be tuned specifically for a given set of wellbore conditions. LifeCem™ cements form one of these families of fit-for-purpose solutions.

Halliburton developed its non-foamed LifeCem slurry system primarily for situations where conditions require a cement with the ability to react and respond to cement sheath failure. Wells are subjected to substantial stresses from changes in the surrounding formation and unexpected pressure events over years and even decades.  The cement sheath may fail when subjected to these forces, compromising the integrity of the wellbore and thus may reduce the productive life of the well. LifeCem cements are typically designed for increased resilience and elasticity and will therefore be more capable of withstanding the stresses present in the downhole environment. However, should the sheath fail, LifeCem cements contain proprietary swellable materials that will ordinarily remain dormant in the set cement sheath, but when activated by contact with hydrocarbons will react and respond to work to automatically seal a microannulus or crack in a cement sheath thereby inhibiting the flow of fluid. 

LifeCem cements can provide the maximum benefit in wells that may be prone to cement sheath failure, such as high-rate producers, storage wells, deepwater wells, injection wells, thermal recovery wells or high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) wells. Consider LifeCem cement or a WellLife® III service, (LifeCem cement in conjunction with WellLife modeling, analysis, design software and delivery of an engineered cement system and the Cement Assurance® tool) when it is critical that the cement sheath last as long as the reserves.

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LifeCem™ Cements

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