Waste Water Treatment

Chemical and mechanical water separation for environmental leadership
Water conservation and recycling is of paramount concern in modern drilling operations. Increasingly strict environmental regulations and remote locations with limited water supplies drive us to do more with less. We can develop customized solutions for you, from land-based dewatering units to offshore slop treatment units. We work collaboratively to help you conserve and recycle water throughout your drilling program.

Efficient water recovery for land operations
Frequent delivery of freshwater resources to the rigsite can drastically impact the profitability of your wells. BaraH2O™ dewatering units combine coagulation and flocculation processes with a decanting centrifuge to help you efficiently treat and recycle the water from your drilling operations. We can adapt the system to any required rig specifications to reduce water consumption, water transport, and overall costs.

Lower waste volumes and cleaner offshore operations
Transportation of offshore slop for treatment poses both economic and environmental challenges to drilling operations. BaraH2O™ slop units utilize dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology to separate and recover water from the drilling waste stream directly at the rigsite. Recovered water can be discharged overboard in accordance with environmental regulations, so your overall waste volumes are decreased while you maintain environmentally sound drilling practices.

Dewatering Systems

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