Climate Change

At Halliburton, our purpose is to help our customers satisfy the world’s need for affordable, reliable, efficient energy provided by oil and gas. We strive to do this in a safe and ethical manner while minimizing environmental impacts. We accomplish this by collaborating with our customers to engineer solutions which maximize the sustainable value of their assets and reduce the environmental impact of their operations. The challenges of climate change provide us a great opportunity to do what we do best: innovate, collaborate, and execute to drive efficiencies and affect change. From geothermal energy to water management to carbon capture utilization and storage, Halliburton is preparing for a future transition where oil and gas, low-carbon, renewable, and sustainable sources of energy will all have a part to play.

Climate change affects all of our stakeholders, including our shareholders, customers, employees, and the local communities in which we operate. Halliburton recognizes the importance of considering all of the economic, social, and environmental implications of climate change to ensure that we build sustainable long-term value for our stakeholders. Our goal is to mitigate climate change risks while continuing to help our customers provide the world access to affordable and reliable energy that remains critical to continued economic growth, improvement in the quality of life, and the reduction of poverty in both mature and developing countries.


  • Embedding consideration of climate change risks and sustainability in our research and development processes.
  • Collaborating with research organizations and educational institutions to further the development of sustainable solutions for the energy industry.
  • Supporting the development of public policy and regulation at the global, regional, and local level that is rational, market-based, and efficient at addressing climate change risks while ensuring the continued availability of reliable and affordable energy.

Value Chain

  • Developing products and services that enable our customers to reduce environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of their assets.
  • Assisting our customers in effectively utilizing our entire portfolio of products and services to help them reduce GHG emissions in the development of energy.
  • Working with suppliers to reduce the environmental impacts of their operations and to reduce the GHG emissions of their products. during and at the end of their useful lives.

Direct Operations

  • Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our own activities while maintaining the safety and efficiency of our operations.
  • Evaluating the impacts of changing weather and climate on our direct operations and developing appropriate sustainable strategies.
  • Engaging our employees on climate change issues and the actions, which they can take to help reduce GHG emissions.

Compliance & Transparency

  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Reporting regularly on our progress toward effective sustainability and stewardship of our business and the advancement of these goals.