Matching Programs


Established in 1965, the Halliburton Foundation is a U.S.-based organization that supports education at all levels and charitable organizations through employee matching gifts and direct grants. The Foundation matches U.S. based employee donations on a 2.25:1 basis, up to $20,000 annually per employee for colleges and universities. Additionally, the company matches U.S. based employee donations to elementary and secondary schools on a 2.25:1 basis, up to $500 annually per employee.

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Giving Choices is an annual Halliburton campaign that invites employees around the world to support qualified charities and non-profit organizations with donations and volunteering. From Giving Choices start in 2005 to 2019, Halliburton employees have pledged more than US $39 million to support over 1,500 charities worldwide — a record of giving that is emblematic of the Company’s commitment to strengthen communities around the world.

Every October, employees in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Egypt, UAE and Qatar proudly pledge money to their charities of choice through our annual workplace giving program, Giving Choices. In addition to providing a 10 percent matching gift, Halliburton also absorbs any administrative fees to support the campaign. During our October 2018 Giving Choices campaign, employees pledged more than $900,000 to non-profits globally.


For Retiree participation in matching programs, please email Melissa Sowell to request log in credentials.

Once you receive your initial log in credentials, you may access the platform here.

Should you have any questions about how to use the platform after receiving credentials, please reach out to