Our success and growth as a Company is because of our skilled, knowledgeable employees and the investments made in learning and development. Halliburton offers our people with industry-recognized, best-in-class employee development programs, processes, and trainings that help them excel in their careers and meet personal goals. We maintain a talent pipeline of strong leaders who are ready to assume leadership positions and help carry the Company into the future.

Our Skilled and Committed Workforce Sustainability Commitment

Have a skilled and committed workforce by listening and responding to our employees’ feedback and committing to an engaged workforce that feels valued with the right support and resources to be successful.

Talent Identification and Succession Management

At Halliburton, potential new leaders are regularly identified and developed as part of our "build from within" talent philosophy. This strategy ensures business continuity and a strong competitive advantage with regard to short- and long-term success. In 2022, we saw a 31% increase in female candidates on replacement charts since 2020.

One of Halliburton's most significant investments in developing future leaders is our Business Leadership Development (BLD) series — our executive education program. In 2022, 574 individuals participated in BLD, a 77% increase from 2021. Attendees were 25% female, and 59 different nationalities were represented. Approximately 70% of Halliburton's leaders have completed at least one course in the BLD series, which speaks to its importance in building a leadership pipeline to promote growth at the Company.

Training and Education Updates

At Halliburton, we seek to "build from within" by supporting our talent in their pursuit of career excellence, and by recruiting, training, and promoting leaders from within. This strategy has led to a high level of retention and continuity among Halliburton talent. We find it also promotes teamwork and camaraderie — when employees have risen through the organization together, they are able to draw from and build on their shared experiences when they collaborate.

One of the best measures of the effectiveness of our human-capital development practices is internal fill rate. In 2022, 82% of our leadership roles were filled internally, as were 94% of our open executive-level positions. Halliburton also participates in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment, and in 2022 we were rated highest in human-capital development in the energy equipment and services industry group.

Employee-Driven Development and Upskilling

Flexible Learning

Halliburton adapted to the various methods of learning by expanding modular education opportunities. This made training more accessible and efficient for our global workforce, and enabled individuals to tailor their learning opportunities to their needs.

In 2022, the Company relied on virtual, self-paced, and hybrid forms of learning to create maximum flexibility while also pivoting a number of our learning and development opportunities back to in-person training contexts. More than 63% of our 2022 training was delivered in non-traditional classroom environments.

In addition, the Company introduced a new Frontline Leader Toolkit based on input from recently promoted frontline leaders about the type of information they believe will be most helpful to new leaders. This blended material includes self-paced training, checklists, process guides, and recommended instructor-led training that can be accessed on an as-needed basis. This toolkit is automatically assigned to any newly promoted frontline leader to put these tools at their fingertips and help them succeed in their new positions. 

Work of the Future

At Halliburton, we are embracing a hybrid approach to learning and development to make sure all of our employees are able to access enriching learning experiences. The Company values both virtual and in-person training, and aims to offer employees a diverse roster of educational programs.

In 2022, we continued Halliburton's U.S. intern program, in which our interns participate in in-person, virtual, and hybrid work opportunities to engage and connect with each other and with Halliburton employees. The internship program offers virtual and in-person lunch and learn sessions in addition to other engagement opportunities.

In addition, our product lines and HSE/SQ hosted 12 in-person Country Manager Boot Camps in 2022. These week-long, rigorous programs feature global leaders teaching key safety leadership, business acumen, people excellence, and operational excellence processes. Attendance at our Country Manager Boot Camps is one of the final steps in assessing a candidate's readiness before they assume the role of product line or HSEQ Country Manager. This year's attendees represented 34 nationalities from around the world. Halliburton's other leadership training opportunities were modularized and made available in virtual and classroom formats in 2022. This increased the availability of training materials and gave employees more leeway to tailor their own training. This led to more than twice as many employees accessing key leadership training as in 2021.

Other 2022 highlights include resuming our executive education training program and in-person classroom training options and adding a new training course that supports our global business and hybrid work with lessons on leading virtual teams. This new virtual leadership training focused on virtual teams includes modules on virtual well-being, group cohesion, and collaboration and inclusion.

Digital Literacy Campaign

In 2022, Halliburton introduced a broadened Digital Literacy Campaign for Global Business Lines (GBL) employees. Over 33,000 employees have access to this training series and, to date, more than 280,000 activities have been completed by participants.

As digital advancements transform the way Halliburton works, the Company knows it is essential for all employees to have a fundamental understanding of digital resources and how they can enhance Company capabilities. Our Digital Literacy Campaign is thus aimed at increasing our Company's data science competency. This internal and external development program makes use of video-based micro-learning to help employees align our training with the products, services, and capabilities present in the evolving energy landscape.

As of 2022, the newly expanded series invites Halliburton employees to explore new technologies and find examples of how to apply these technologies at the Company. Broadly speaking, it has helped us upskill and re-skill our employees and ensure we are helping them grow.


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