The pace of end-to-end well delivery needs to accelerate. For this to happen, well preparation time must has to be reduced. The DecisionSpace® 365 Well Construction Suite makes it easy to reduce your well preparation time, increase reliability, and maximize well productivity for better well construction performance. 

Secure on-demand, multi-user database technology

A seamless experience that helps keep everyone working off the same page, with the latest data and designs. 

Industry-leading technology in the cloud

The most integrated suite of well construction lifecycle applications in the cloud today, including Engineer’s Desktop™ (EDT™) software. 

Drilling decision optimization

Enhance your entire well construction lifecycle management with integrated workflows and lean process execution. 

Access 24/7, from anywhere

With anywhere, anytime access, your engineers can plan and design the next well no matter their location using connected compatible devices. 

Well Construction Suite Features

WELLCAT™ Software

WELLCAT™ Software

Meet every casing & tube design challenge

WellPlan™ Software

WellPlan™ Software

Drill efficiently and safely, and reduce costs


Additional Well Construction Suite Features

Engineer's Data Model™ (EDM™) Software 

Provides a single and comprehensive platform for detailed operations and engineering workflows. This application offers robust data management tools and enterprise grade security, enabling E&P companies to take control of their well data and to manage the broadest range of well data in just one database. The EDM™ platform also drives better well construction decisions, through its deep integration with the industry’s broadest portfolio of well engineering solutions. 

CasingSeat™ Software 

An interactive tool for accurately determining casing setting depths, along with viable casing and wellbore schemes. CasingSeat software provides bottom-up and top-down solution methods, based on the minimum setting-depth requirements and the maximum permissible drill head depths, for identifying and ranking casing schemes. 

CasingWear™ Software 

Provides a comprehensive solution to casing wear assessment. This application addresses industry needs regarding enhanced casing wear modeling techniques applied to actual drilling scenarios. 

COMPASS™ Software 

Designed for both exploration and production companies and directional drilling contractors, COMPASS™ software is the industry’s premier application for directional well path planning, survey data management, and anti-collision analysis – enabling engineers to plan optimum well trajectories into the profitable pay zone. 

StressCheck™ Software 

Quickly develop accurate casing design scenarios. This software also allows operators to drag and drop casing strings, with all the loads and relevant data, from one design to another – and to automatically generate the most effective, safest, and lowest-cost casing designs based on defined loads. 


Accelerate well preparation and enhance well reliability

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