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Halliburton has experience in not just some, but all of the active major shale basins. We are aggressively expanding our global infrastructure to support new shale gas development outside of North America. Wherever your shale play, Halliburton has the experts and infrastructure in place to safely deliver the superior service, customized solutions, local expertise, and regulatory support needed to optimally exploit any shale basin.

Halliburton's Shale Oil & Gas Project History

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Summary Summary Halliburton helped assess resource potential and optimize investment decision-making in shale plays
Asset evaluation and risk assessment of unconventional fields
Summary Summary EZ-MUD® GOLD - Product Data Sheet
EZ-MUD® GOLD, clay and shale stabilizer, provides inhibition of clay and shale formations in water-based drilling fluids without substantially increasing viscosity. EZ-MUD GOLD, when added to a QUIK-GEL® or BORE-GEL® slurry, yields an inhibitive drilling fluid system while maintaining manageable and effective fluid properties. The unique beaded structure of EZ-MUD GOLD allows the material to be mixed easily at minimal shear thereby eliminating the need for liquid emulsions.
Summary Summary BARABUF® - Product Data Sheet
BARABUF® alkaline material is used as a pH buffer in fresh water, brines, and brine polymer systems.
Summary Summary CON DET® E - Product Data Sheet
CON DET® E blend of water soluble anionic surfactants can be used in fresh or salt water and in low-solids drilling fluids as a wetting agent. CON DET E wetting agent is specially formulated to meet North Sea discharge standards.
Summary Summary CLAY GRABBER® Shale Stabilizer - Product Data Sheet
CLAY GRABBER® is a high molecular weight, non-ionic 35-40% active liquid polymer supplied as a low viscosity emulsion for use in water-based drilling fluids.
Summary Summary CLAYSEAL® PLUS™ Shale Stabilizer - Product Data Sheet
CLAYSEAL® PLUS™, a low molecular weight amphoteric material, reduces dispersion and hydration of reactive clays and shale formations.
Summary Summary SHALEDRIL® F Water-Based Fluid Proves Successful on Troublesome Fayetteville Shale
The Marrowian shale that lies above the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas is highly reactive and prone to fracturing and delamination. It is typically drilled with an Invert Emulsion fluid, which reduces the chance of swelling of this formation.
Summary Summary PAC-RE™ Filtration Control Additive - Product Data Sheet
PAC-RE™ provides filtration control and supplementary viscosity in most water-based drilling fluids.
Summary Summary BaraSure™ W-674 Shale Stabilizer Stops Clay Swelling and High Torque in Oil Sand Lateral
High risk of swelling clays. Excessive torque leading to stuck pipe. Oil sand accretion on the BHA
Summary Summary BaraXcel™ HP NAF System Helps Drill Reactive Shales and Abrasive Sandstones with Improved ROP
The wells in northwest Saudi Arabia encounter highly reactive sloughing shales that are followed by abrasive sandstones. These reactive shales pose serious wellbore stability issues and if not managed appropriately can lead to wellbore collapse, hole cleaning issues, stuck pipe incidents, and even lost circulation due to high ECDs (Equivalent Circulating Densities).
Summary Summary Custom Water-Based Fluid Achieves New Drilling Record in Iraq’s Rumaila Field
Customized Fluid Systems saves 6.4 days of operation
Summary Summary Clay-Free INNOVERT® IEF Eliminates Instability in Buildup Section, Saves 94 Hours and $470K
A highly reactive shale caused wellbore instability in the buildup section of the directional wells. Significant nonproductive time (NPT) was attributed to the need for frequent wellbore conditioning trips and stuck pipe incidents. The wells were being drilled with a conventional invert emulsion fluid (IEF) system with oil/water ratios (OWR) of 80/20 or higher.
Summary Summary Inhibitive HYDRO-GUARD® HPWBM Delivers Trouble-Free Gauge Hole, Zero Cuttings Handling Costs
Baroid Solution saves operator several days of rig time
Summary Summary Africa: HYDRO-GUARD® water-based fluid system solves shale challenge and nets operator significant savings in remote exploration well
The customer utilized Baroid's HYDRO-GUARD water-based drilling fluid system to deliver the rate of penetration and gauge hole necessary to successfully drill an exploratory well in Offshore Namibia
Summary Summary North Sea: PERFORMADRIL® Solution Maintains Integrity of Deviated, Large-Diameter Hole through Unstable, Reactive Claystone
Baroid successfully used PERFORMADRIL wtaer-based drilling fluid system to drill through a highly unstable and reactive claystone
Summary Summary North Sea: PERFORMADRIL® Drilling Fluid Solution Facilitates Successful Sidetrack through Overpressured Shale
Baroid utilized a customized PERFORMADRIL water-based fluid system to successfully drill a sidetrack through overpressurized shale
Summary Summary Egypt: HYDRO-GUARD® water-based drilling fluid system replaced competitor silicate mud, delivering stable wellbore through troublesome shale
Baroid recommended HYDRO-GUARD water-based drilling fluid system along with the addition of BAROTROL PLUS additive to provide optimum inhibition in the troublesome shale.
Summary Summary SandWedge® Conductivity Enhancement Service
Enhances Proppant Pack Conductivity for Improved Long-Term Production. Now available in Lite, Plus, and Max Systems Tailored to Treatment Requirements
Summary Summary MicroScout® Service Enhances Well Production in Woodford Shale Play
MicroScout Service improves production rates by 10-15 percent
Summary Summary PermStim service case study in the Eagle Ford
PermStim™ fracturing fluid system helps Magnum Hunter Resources increase production in the Eagle Ford Shale
Summary Summary Fracturing Fluid Systems
The fluid systems are designed to implement a treatment according to design in order to help increase production and improve the Operator’s return on investment.
Summary Summary OptiKleen-WF™ Viscosity Reducing Agent
In fracturing unconventional gas reservoirs, friction reducers have been shown to cause fracture face damage and have demonstrated damaging effects to fracture conductivity.
Summary Summary AquaStimSM Water Frac Service
Advanced Technologies Focused on Improving Production from Unconventional Reservoirs
Summary Summary ShaleEval Service
Halliburton ShaleEval shale formation evaluation service through the Duncan Technology Center (DTC) is designed to help operators, geologists, and engineers answer key questions at critical junctures during the life of the shale asset.
Summary Summary Haynesville Brochure
The Haynesville shale is akin to a modern day gold rush. The Haynesville is believed to be one of the largest domestic onshore natural gas fields, with conservative estimates showing 168 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This would rank it as the fourth largest gas field in the world.
Summary Summary You Have Major Tight Gas Challenges. We Have a World of Proven Solutions.
Because no single technology determines success or failure in a particular tight gas reservoir, many individual solutions must be combined at different levels to create a total solution. In other words, a holistic approach is critical for producing maximum net value from the reservoir. In particular, formation evaluation and stimulation are interwoven throughout the tight gas development.
Summary Summary Design Optimization of Horizontal Wells With Multiple Hydraulic Fractures JPT Article
An efficient way to improve the productivity of ultratight shale formations is to increase the density of hydraulic fractures.
Summary Summary ISG&OJ: A play for shale: Expanding resources in the European Union
The International Shale Gas & Oil Journal (ISG&OJ) is a quarterly journal on shale gas and oil developments in politics, economic, regulatory, tax & legal areas for practitioners and academics in the field. The journal draws on the experiences in USA, Canada and China, but the focus is mainly on Europe.
Summary Summary CYPHER Seismic-to-Stimulation Service helps operator almost double production.
A Barnett Shale asset at risk of abandonment gets profitable new lease on life via Halliburton’s CYPHER Seismic-to-Stimulation Service. The CYPHER Seismic-to-Stimulation Service helps an operator improve production results and consistency by identifying where and how to drill and where and how to frac.
Summary Summary CYPHER Service
The tailored approach of the CYPHER service is the execution of integrated workflows designed to provide asset understanding, planning, and development for shale and tight reservoirs.
Summary Summary CYPHER Service (A4)
The tailored approach of the CYPHER service is the execution of integrated workflows designed to provide asset understanding, planning, and development for shale and tight reservoirs.
Summary Summary Halliburton Shale Solutions
Unconventional resources. Unconventional potential.
Summary Summary Devonian Stimulation Increases Value by Approximately $2.75 Million (Case History) Sign in required
An operator needed to provide adequate stimulation for a 12,000 foot well in a Devonian formation with open Strawn perforations above the completion packer.
Summary Summary Oilfield Technology: M/LWD Q&A Sign in required
2017 Oilfield Technology M/LWD Q&A article discusses the applications and benefits of the Radian™ Service and 9 1/2-inch ALD™ Service
Summary Summary Bolivia: Turbopower™ ASD Turbodrills Save an Estimated Two Weeks of Rig Time Sign in required
The operator of a field in south Bolivia planned to drill a gas well in the South Andean Foothills through a Devonian formation of fractured sandstone, siltstone and shale. The overthrust faults and stressed formations are prone to “bit-sticking” and, typically, it is difficult to maintain the well path in such applications.
Summary Summary Oklahoma, USA: GABI™ Motor Solution Geosteers Exploration Well to Critical Coring Point Sign in required
Due to the short sensor-to-bit distance of the GABI motor, Sperry Drilling was able to locate and select a formation top that had previously been drilled through using other tools, precisely placing the wellbore at TD in the exact position the customer wanted.
Summary Summary USA, Haynesville Shale: Sperry Successfully Completes Mud Pulse System Surveys from Remote Operations Center Sign in required
The operator of a gas well in the Haynesville Shale wanted to acquire real-time well surveys with positive pulse mud telemetry without having measurement-while-drilling (MWD) personnel situated at the rig site.
Summary Summary Oklahoma, USA: First 6-3/4-inch GABI™ Motor Trial in USA Demonstrates Real-Time Value Drilling Shale Well Sign in required
The operator realized the value in knowing wellbore reactions closer to the bit provided real-time inclination updates, an improvement over previous jobs with data from sensors positioned further away from the bit. In addition, they were pleased that the GABI motor delivered the at-bit information even while sliding the motor, with no additional down time usually experienced with other imaging sensors while wiping through slides.
Summary Summary Mexico: Halliburton Sets New Field Record and Saves PEMEX $200,000 using Matched Drilling System Sign in required
PEMEX challenged Halliburton to match the competitor’s performance by drilling as fast as possible while accurately delivering the planned objectives.
Summary Summary North Dakota: GeoForce® XL Enhanced Performance Motors Excel in North Dakota Shale Sign in required
Challenge: Safely and economically drill the 8.75-inch vertical sections of two shale oil wells in the Williston Basin in one bit/BHA run per well.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Real–Time Density Imaging Guides Successful Single Run from Kick-off to TD in Horizontal Shale Well Sign in required
In this horizontal shale well application, the customer wanted to maintain wellbore placement within predefined zone(s), with the ability to quickly determine when faults were crossed so well plan changes could be made to stay in the correct bed boundary.
Summary Summary USA, Texas: Electromagnetic Telemetry Delivers Reliable Communications and Reduces Operational Time while Drilling on Air Sign in required
Barnett Shale: Drill an interval using an electromagnetic telemetry (EMT) service in a “dry” air drilling environment with an air hammer to reduce operational time.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Sperry Combines ALD™ and DGR™ Sensor Data for Innovative Solution in Difficult GOM Deepwater Well Sign in required
In this deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico, the customer began experiencing problems with the borehole after successfully drilling to the conventional core point of the main reservoir.
Summary Summary USA, Colorado: Independent energy company cut horizontal drilling time by more than half Sign in required
Halliburton helped reduce horizontal drilling days from more than 18 to less than nine, consistently beating targets by 30 percent.
Summary Summary Canada: Operator Saves Over 27 Days of Rig Time Drilling Gas Wells in Difficult Shale Formation Sign in required
The operator planned a four-well pad in the challenging Komie area of North East British Columbia, designing gas wells with 700 meter (2,300 feet) surface holes followed by monobore horizontals with a total measured depth (MD) averaging 4,200 meters (13,780 feet).
Summary Summary Haynesville Shale LA, USA: ExtremeHT-200™ M/LWD Sensors Help Operator Save Over US$145,000 Sign in required
An operator in the Louisiana Haynesville shale play required reliable and accurate measurement/logging-while-drilling (M/LWD) data while drillling horizontal wells in an extreme high temperature environment.
Summary Summary North Dakota, USA: GeoForce® XL Motor Beats Drilling Curve to Kick-off Point with an Estimated Rig Time Savings of $30,000 Sign in required
The GeoForce XL 6/7 motor successfully achieved the operator’s objective to improve drilling performance, reaching the KOP one full day ahead of the curve. This performance beat all recent wells in the operator’s database by 10 drilling hours, and resulted in an estimated rig time savings of $30,000.
Summary Summary Papua New Guinea: AFR™ Sensor Helps Major Operator Isolate Problematic Shale Formation, Saving Valuable Rig Time Sign in required
In the Antelope field, Total needed to accurately pick the 9-5/8-inch casing point in the uppermost portion of a fractured carbonate reservoir above a total loss transition zone, while being able to isolate the reactive and over-pressurized shale above the reservoir.
Summary Summary Mexico: Sperry Drilling’s New Data Compression Software Facilitates Geosteering Within Thin Reservoir while Significantly Reducing Drilling Time Sign in required
In this shale gas well in the Eagle Ford play in Mexico, the primary objective was to drill a horizontal well with maximum lateral exposure within the 10 feet (3 meters) thick production zone. The challenge was to stay in the relatively thin shale pay zone while maintaining an aggressive rate of penetration.
Summary Summary Oklahoma, USA: Geo-Pilot® GXT System and DrillDOC® Tool Help Improve Drilling Performance in Shale Reservoir Sign in required
An operator in Oklahoma recently saved three days of drilling time by using a drilling solution provided by Sperry Drilling comprised of a Geo-Pilot® GXT rotary steerable system and a DrillDOC® drilling optimization tool.
Summary Summary Argentina: Geo-Pilot® Dirigo System Helps Shave Five Days from Plan, Drilling Long Horizontal Section in One Run Sign in required
The operator drilling a shale oil well in Argentina wanted to reduce operating time and associated costs while drilling both the build and horizontal sections in an 8-1/2 inch hole size.
Summary Summary UAE: First Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable Run in UAE Lands Complex Sign in required
An operator planned the first fork-type multilateral well design in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to be drilled from an offshore platform. The complexity of the program would require advanced geosteering capabilities to achieve maximum reservoir contact and precise placement of the forked-shape laterals with full accessibility for well intervention. The target was just 600 feet (183 meters) south of the platform and required a “pregnant lady” well profile through a very challenging shale formation where historically no directional work is recommended. With only one available platform slot, located on the northwest side, the well would first have to be nudged and turned in the 16-inch hole in order to reduce surface collision risk, and would then encounter a channel at the 13-3/8-inch casing point known to cause huge losses. In the 12 ¼-inch hole, a required open-hole sidetrack would present yet another challenge. And furthermore, the 8-½-inch lateral interval would have to be maintained within the reservoir target of just two feet (0.61 meters) in thickness.
Summary Summary USA, Devonian Shales, Appalachian Basin: Equitable Resources Reduces Drilling Costs by ~$100,000 Per Well Using Electromagnetic Telemetry Technology Sign in required
Equitable needed to drill multiple underbalanced wells in a field with soft formations imbedded with hard stringers.
Summary Summary North Dakota, USA: GeoForce® XL Motor Powers Through Three Forks Resource Play Sign in required
The operator enlisted Halliburton to drill almost 10,000 feet (2,956 meters) laterally in one of the prime U.S. unconventional oil plays, the Williston Basin.
Summary Summary USA, Texas: LaserStrat® In-Field Service Helps Deliver Vastly Higher Sign in required
Obtain detailed reservoir information for optimum hydraulic fracturing along the lateral to improve the percentage of fractured intervals.
Summary Summary North Sea: Statoil Saves 9.25 Hours of Offshore Rig Time Using SlickBore® Matched Drilling Service Sign in required
While drilling the 17½-in. section of an offshore well in the Valemon gas and condensate field, Statoil encountered a weak, unconsolidated sand formation interbedded with shale.
Summary Summary Papua New Guinea: VertiSteer™ Tool Helps Operator Drill Vertical Well in Tectonically Stressed Formation Sign in required
In a remote location in Papua New Guinea, another service provider had previously drilled a well that had resulted in an inclination of more than 15° in what was planned to be a vertical well.
Summary Summary Canada, British Colombia: Mercury™ Electromagnetic Telemetry System Helps Save Time in Delivery of Extended Reach Shale Gas Well Sign in required
An operator working in the Horn River Basin, the largest shale gas field in Canada, was drilling an extended reach well with high downhole temperatures expected. The Horn River Basin is a very remote area where drilling costs are high, compelling the operator to look for an optimized drilling solution to reduce the days spent to deliver a well in this harsh environment.
Summary Summary The American Oil & Gas Reporter: Multilateral Architectures Hold Major Potential In Resource Plays
HOUSTON—Multilateral technology has significant potential for improving efficiencies, lowering development costs and optimizing production and recovery rates in tight oil and shale gas plays.
Summary Summary MillRite® JI Milled Exit Multilateral System with Junction Isolation
The MillRite® JI system is part of the SperryRite® advanced reservoir drainage solutions from Sperry Drilling services. It is a combined multilateral drilling and completion system capable of constructing a high quality junction and also providing the required pressure isolation for selective stimulation.
Summary Summary Radian® Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination Service
The Radian® azimuthal gamma ray and inclination service provides a cost-effective solution to geosteering challenges.
Summary Summary XBAT™ Azimuthal Sonic and Ultrasonic LWD Service
The XBAT LWD service delivers accurate acoustic measurements in a wide range of formations via sensors and electronics.
Summary Summary WellLock Resin System
WellLock resin system can function as a gas-impermeable secondary barrier to the primary cement sheath. It is also ideal for squeeze applications and microannuli repairs or for permanent plug and abandonment. It can be solid laden or used as a pure clean fluid.
Summary Summary SoluCem Cement in Horizontal Shale Wells Enhances Fracture Efficiency
Horizontal wells are normally fracture stimulated in multiple stages to help increase production. Limited entry perforating is used to achieve stimulation over a wide interval. Cementing horizontal shale wells using SoluCem™ cement provides significant benefits.
Summary Summary ShaleCem Cement and Latex 3000 additive
Halliburton’s ShaleCem™ cement system addresses the speci:c demands of the Haynesville Shale; and when the newest latex additive advancement from Halliburton, Latex 3000™ cement additive, is included in the blend, ShaleCem cement has high-temperature suspension properties (up to 400° F or 204.4° C), corrosion resistance and excellent ;uid loss control.
Summary Summary Shale oil and a problem well-stated
The South Cana portion of The Woodford Shale presented NewField exploration worked to enhance wellbore integrity by striving to address risk of annular pressure.
Summary Summary SPECTRUMSM Diagnostic Services Evaluates Fracture Effectiveness Leading to Lower Completions Costs
SPECTRUMSM Diagnostic Services Identifies Improvement in Stimulation Cluster Efficiency
Summary Summary Plug Drill Out Solution in Eagle Ford eliminates short trips
An operators in the Eagle Ford wanted to drill out plugs more efficiently, eliminating short trips. Halliburton's Drill Out Solutions Package from Boots & Coots made it happen.
Summary Summary New CoreVault® system helps operator confirm 2.5X more gas in place than expected
New technology improves targeting, reduces costs, and keeps samples under pressure so hydrocarbons can be accurately measured.
Summary Summary ShaleXpertSM
Advanced Source Rock Reservoir Analysis Solution
Summary Summary Shale Gas & Oil Project Experience
Halliburton is the leading service provider in shale. Halliburton has many years of project experience in Shale.
Summary Summary About Shale Oil & Condensates
Halliburton is the expert in shale gas and oil production.
Summary Summary Shale Challenges & Solutions
When it comes to solving the many—and complex—challenges posed shale formations, only Halliburton can supply the optimal solution: from formation evaluation challenges to those posed by assessment, horizontal drilling, stimulation and production. And do it while driving efficiencies throughout and delivering operational excellence in relation to HSE (health, safety and environment) issues.
Summary Summary Halliburton Advantage - Shale Oil & Condensates
When it comes to shale, there’s only one way to provide producers with the added-value they seek.
Summary Summary Global Shale Gas
Global Shale Gas
Summary Summary HSE & Operational Excellence
Shale oil and condensate challenges require innovative HSE solutions.
Summary Summary Stimulation Planning, Optimization, and Placement
Improve reservoir optimization by linking stimulation design, reservoir modeling and economic evaluation.
Summary Summary Mutli-zone Fracturing
Halliburton coiled tubing innovations overcome many traditional constraints to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of multi-zone stimulation treatments in vertical and horizontal shale wells.
Summary Summary Zonal Isolation
Halliburton‘s iCem® service provides a robust engineering design tool for evaluating and optimization of cement designs. The ability to assess and monitor specific variables before, during, and after a cement job is key to ensuring high integrity zonal isolation for the life of the well.
Summary Summary Shale-specific Drilling Fluids
With customizable formulations for specific shales, the SHALEDRIL™ water-based drilling system provides a family of cost effective, formation friendly, shale-inhibiting fluids.
Summary Summary Environmental Safety
Frac performance is enhanced while protecting the environment using a suite of Halliburton CleanSuite™ production enhancement technologies for hydraulic fracturing and water treatment.
Summary Summary Increasing Drilling Efficiencies
Custom drill bit design help improve ROP and well integrity even in the most challenging shale basins
Summary Summary Horizontal Cement Sheath Integrity
Achieving proper zonal isolation in the cementing stage is the key to maintaining well integrity and producibility over the life of the well
Summary Summary Hydraulic Fracturing Design
Halliburton supports stimulation optimization at each step of the process. Reservoir knowledge developed through DecisionSpace® software is applied through ShaleXpert analysis software to build reservoir models that form the basis for hydraulic fracture design.
Summary Summary Optimizing Fracture Treatments
Create significant value via hydraulic fracture mapping that incorporates microseismic
Summary Summary Horizontal Completions
A wide range of Halliburton horizontal completion options provides maximum flexibility in optimizing multi-stage fracture completions. These options reduce stimulation time, allow selective production, and enable specific zonal treatment.
Summary Summary Accelerating Shale Experience
Meet—and exceed—business and HSE objectives with the help of a worldwide network of seasoned shale experts
Summary Summary Reducing Water Costs
Reducing fresh-water sourcing and fracture fluid disposal expenses for drilling and stimulation operations.
Summary Summary Targeting the Sweet Spot
Positioning the horizontal wellbore in the target zone for optimal production
Summary Summary Managing the Horizontal Borehole
Tailored fluids for increased horizontal drilling efficiency
Summary Summary Evaluating the Reservoir
Because of each shale play’s uniqueness, a holistic approach to the reservoir is critical to optimizing returns
Summary Summary Turning Data into Knowledge
Halliburton’ provides an integrated software solution that incorporates a full scope of asset-focused applications, including reserves assessment, exploration and production workflows, and reservoir management.
Summary Summary Eagle Ford Challenges
Halliburton is engaged with virtually every operator in the Eagle Ford, helping to develop gas, condensate and oil leases by providing consulting expertise and specialized technologies.
Summary Summary Bakken, U.S. and Canada Shale Play
Today, Halliburton is the leading service provider in the Bakken with more people and capacity than any other provider and more leading-edge solutions. Halliburton brings new technological solutions to this play on an ongoing basis to continually increase recovery while reducing costs to development customers.
Summary Summary Haynesville Challenges
The Haynesville Shale is organic-rich fissile black shale of Upper Jurassic age situated on the Sabine Uplift, separating East Texas and North Louisiana salt basins.
Summary Summary Niobrara Challenges
Halliburton was one of the first service companies in the Niobrara. As a result, we have the most extensive expertise, infrastructure, and reservoir knowledge to support operators in getting the most from this emerging play.
Summary Summary Woodford Shale – a Complex Oil and Gas Play
The Woodford Shale covers virtually the entire state of Oklahoma and is far more complex then other Devonian black shales found in North America.
Summary Summary Marcellus Challenges
Halliburton has been collaborating with operators to produce shale gas in the Northeast for decades – longer than any other service company.
Summary Summary Permian Basin Challenges
The Permian Basin, found in West Texas (south of Lubbock to just south of Midland and Odessa) and southeastern New Mexico is filled with Paleozoic sediments.
Summary Summary Barnett Shale
With an estimated 360 tcf of natural gas, this Texas shale play, located directly underneath the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, continues to be one of the most prominent shale gas plays in the U.S.
Summary Summary Barnett Challenges
With an estimated 360 tcf of natural gas, this Texas shale play, located directly underneath the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, continues to be one of the most prominent shale gas plays in the U.S.
Summary Summary Woodford Challenges
The Woodford Shale covers virtually the entire state of Oklahoma and is far more complex then other Devonian black shales found in North America.
Summary Summary Permian Basin Shale
The Permian Basin, found in West Texas (south of Lubbock to just south of Midland and Odessa) and southeastern New Mexico is filled with Paleozoic sediments.
Summary Summary Poland Home Page
Poland is quickly becoming Europe's most popular country for shale gas exploration
Summary Summary Eagleford
The Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Shale is an emerging play in South Central Texas with estimated recoverable reserves of approximately 150 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
Summary Summary Marcellus Shale
At 95,000 square miles, the Marcellus shale is the most expansive shale gas play in the U.S., spanning five states in the Northeast.
Summary Summary Granite Wash Shale
This unusual tight-gas sandstone formation with multiple intervals is geographically large. It runs northwest to southeast across the Texas Panhandle into Oklahoma in a swath 160-miles long and 30-miles wide.
Summary Summary Fayetteville Shale
The Fayetteville shale is part of the Arkoma Basin in Arkansas. This unconventional natural gas reservoir is approximately 50 miles (80 km) wide from north to south.
Summary Summary Fayetteville Challenges
Halliburton has been working in the Fayetteville Shale play since the first operators began drilling there.
Summary Summary Haynesville Shale
The Haynesville Shale is organic-rich fissile black shale of Upper Jurassic age situated on the Sabine Uplift, separating East Texas and North Louisiana salt basins.
Summary Summary Niobrara Shale Formation – an Emerging Oil and Gas Play
The Niobrara shale formation is located in northeastern Colorado with parts of the formation trending into Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas.
Summary Summary Delivering the Treatment
The high demands of shale fracturing are being met with new pump technology designed for the rigors of the application. Halliburton’s advanced Q10 pump features a mono-block fluid end that lasts up to 14-times longer than previous designs. Maximum durability is achieved with a quintuplex design distinguished by five in-line cylinders.
Summary Summary Cement-enhanced Fracturing
Cementing horizontal well using SoluCem™ cement reduces entry restrictions of fracture proppant. The cement can be dissolved with acid to open and help orient perforations.
Summary Summary Enhancing Conductivity for the Long Term
Achieving the maximum economic recovery over the life of shale well requires proactively addressing the primary causes of rapid production declines following fracture treatments
Summary Summary Collaboration, Data Management, and Work Processes
In the complex world of shale assets, predicting performance is problematic. What is the asset’s deliverability; where should the wells be drilled; how should they be completed.
Summary Summary Applying Asset Knowledge
Halliburton’s ShaleXpert(SM) service is an integrated analysis solution designed specifically for shale. By bringing all the information pieces together, it defines the precise set of techniques to optimize production.
Summary Summary Increasing Drilling Efficiencies
Custom drill bit design help improve ROP and well integrity even in the most challenging shale basins
Summary Summary Shale Gas & Oil
With first-hand experience in almost every shale gas and oil play in the world, Halliburton knows the challenges these differences create. To answer these challenges, we have proven solutions through every phase of shale gas and shale oil development.
Summary Summary Shale Plays
Halliburton is the leader in North American shale and is also involved in major eastern hemisphere and Latin American shale developments.
Summary Summary Rig Pump Diverter
Halliburton's rig pump diverter replaces the backpressure pump in managed pressure drilling operations.
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