Deepwater Africa

Offshore developments in Africa date back to the 1960s. Today, it ranks as one of the most significant deepwater provinces in the world with Nigeria and Angola leading the region with the largest number of proven reserves, estimated at over 45 billion bbl according to the US Energy Information Administration.

Halliburton recently celebrated 50 years of successful operations in Nigeria. Additionally, we have experience in other key countries in West Africa. We’ve established a track record of helping operators access their reserves more efficiently. More details are highlighted on our website.

In addition to Africa’s West coast activity, the East coast is gaining momentum and visibility by operators both large and small pursuing exploration activity. Areas most revered are countries, such as Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Madagascar.

Halliburton is strategically positioned to work in exploratory “frontier” markets. We have proven experience working in remote locations like East Africa where our resourceful personnel understand the special challenges associated with these areas. We overcome logistical challenges from a variety of supply bases and have the knowledge to help operators efficiently find and produce resources.