Water Management HSE & Service Quality

In the energy industry, companies must meet or exceed a vast array of environmental, health and safety standards. Halliburton goes beyond compliance to focus on sustainability in everything we do, striving to leave the places where we work better than we found them. Our goal is to provide products and services that have minimal environmental impact, are safe in their intended use, consume resources efficiently, and can be recycled, re-used or disposed of safely. We have always embraced the job of ensuring that all our technologies meet the highest safety and environmental standards.

When it comes to using water, we believe that less is more
Water is arguably Earth's most precious resource. And wherever we work, the public wants to know that their water is safe. Conserving fresh water by using less of it-particularly in places where fresh water is in short supply-requires innovative methods to reuse produced water and then safely recycle or dispose it. As a conservation measure, the energy service industry-lead by Halliburton-is making huge strides in the effort to use produced water, flowback treatment water and water from uncommon sources, in place of other water sources.

For decades, Halliburton has stimulated hydrocarbon production without compromising groundwater
Invented by Halliburton, fracture stimulation is a common, well-established and highly regulated practice that has been used to safely stimulate hydrocarbon production for approximately 57 years. It involves injecting fluid mixtures into coalbed methane reservoirs, shale plays, tight sands and other formations to improve hydrocarbon flow.

Halliburton and other energy industry members use casing, cementing, zonal isolation and fluid removal technology to seal off and protect drinking water from fluids used in wells. In addition, fracture stimulation activities take place at depths that are hundreds-even thousands-of feet deeper than any groundwater aquifers that could reasonably be considered a source of drinking water.