Oilfield Water Management Project Experience

Halliburton knows that water has been a great obstacle to the development of oil-bearing lands since the beginning of the modern oil era. In fact, one of Erle P. Halliburton's first patents, "Method and Means for Cementing Oil Wells," describes the problem of water during and after drilling and the effective use of cement to close off a well from water.  

Water is a challenge in almost every well drilled. Working to address this challenge for almost a century, Halliburton has the experience and technology necessary to address water issues around the globe. A selection of case studies highlighting some of Halliburton's unique technologies and their application to water challenges can be found below.  

Halliburton's Water Management Project History

Halliburton's Water Management Project History

Case Studies

Project Location Description
West Kuwait Waterflood Conformance Study for a Carbonate Reservoir
North Kuwait Massive Growth in Water Production Demands an Integrated Approach to Manage Disposal Needs
Mexico's Southern Region Operator's Water Disposal Cost Decreased by Fifty Percent
West Texas, USA Field Application of a Water Swellable Polymer for Fracture Shutoff in Injection Wells
Northeastern Utah, USA Relative Permeability Modifiers Used in Conjunction with Hydraulic Fracturing can Increase Hydrocarbon Production and Reduce Water Production
Offshore Mexico Novel Acid Diversion Technique Increases Production
Southern Mexico Successful Field Application of a High-Temperature Conformance Polymer
Ecuador Optimization of Conformance Decisions Using a Well-Intervention Simulator
Gannet Platform, UK Central North Sea Enhanced Production Delivered from Successful Water Shutoff Campaigns Using Coiled Tubing Intervention
Mexico's Southern Region Polymeric Relative Permeability Modifier (RPM) Reduces Water Cut and Adds Net Present Value US $470,000 to Project Profitability Over Six Month Period
Cooper Basin, Australia Reducing Water Rates to Increase Hydrocarbon Rates