RapidBall™ Self-Removing Ball Technology

Eliminate the cost of post-fracturing wellbore interventions

Flowing fracturing sleeve activation balls back to surface after stimulation can be challenging. Halliburton’s RapidBall™ DP and RapidBall DM ball technologies are self-removing, fracturing sleeve activation balls that reduce flowback challenges, eliminating the cost of post stimulation wellbore intervention and helping provide assurance that the balls used to activate fracturing sleeves in a completion string will not restrict flow during production.  Constructed of specially formulated compounds, these robust, impact-resistant ball technologies withstand pressure up to 10,000 psi and up to 300°F.

RapidBall™ DP                  Technology Features:

  • 20+ possible stages   
  • Acid resistant
  • Degrades with time and temperature

RapidBall™ DM
Technology Features

  • 50+ possible stages
  • Degrades with time, temperature, and presence of saline well fluids
  • Up to 10,000 psi and 300ºF

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Summary Summary Frac Hydraulic Tubing Anchor
Halliburton’s Frac Hydraulic Tubing Anchor is a hydraulically activated tool designed to anchor a workstring in place during pumping operations.
Summary Summary SoluPort® Protectors
SoluPort® protectors are degradable barriers designed to keep debris and cement clear of any exit ports in RapidSuite™ sleeve systems.
Summary Summary Shifting Tools for RapidShift® Sleeve Systems
RapidShift® stimulation and production sleeve systems allow selective multi-zone stimulation treatment through the production string – cemented or open hole. This versatile sleeve can be operated by either a surface ball-drop system for increased completion efficiency or by one of two hydro-mechanical shifting tool options – RapidShift Mechanical or High-Expansion shifting tools.
Summary Summary RapidBall™ DM Self-Removing Ball Technology
Eliminate the cost of post fracturing wellbore intervention
Summary Summary StimJet™ Frac Port Inserts
StimJet ports combine the operational efficiency of a ball drop completion with the pinpoint fracturing of hydrajetting.
Summary Summary Downhole Shutoff Collar
The Halliburton Downhole Shutoff Collar is a ball-actuated device run as part of a liner assembly.
Summary Summary Positive Displacement Ball
The Positive Displacement Ball is a solid inner ball with a flexible outer covering. Designed for use with the Halliburton Downhole Shutoff Collar, it ensures positive displacement of the ball to activate the Shutoff Collar and seal off the casing ID.
Summary Summary RapidBall™ Landing Collar
Halliburton’s RapidBall™ Landing Collar is a versatile casing attachment that can be added to any completion casing string in order to create a temporary isolation point while performing any number of different applications such as testing of the casing string, isolation of fracturing stages, and setting of hydraulically-set downhole tools.
Summary Summary RapidStage® frac sleeves and RapidBall™ self-removing balls delivered increased efficiency and cost savings without wellbore intervention
An independent oil and gas operator in Alaska was looking for new ways to help reduce well costs and intervention. The completion design called for a production liner to be run and 11 stages to be stimulated through the target section of a wellbore that was more than 20,000 feet in total measured depth (TMD).
Summary Summary Halliburton Shifts to Success in Eastern European Sea
Since 2008, a major operator has been pursuing a highly specialized solution for stimulating their wells in an Eastern European Sea development project. In completing the final wells of their offshore reentry unconventional campaign, the key challenge they faced was finding a viable solution to selectively stimulate multiple independent zones in openhole horizontal applications that were drilled from existing vertical wellbores.
Summary Summary RapidStage® 50+ system with AccessFrac® service shines in the Bakken
Dozens of applications using AccessFrac service have been successfully performed throughout the Rockies. In the Williston Basin, over 20 jobs performed with RapidStage 50+ sleeves and AccessFrac stimulation services in the past six months have resulted in a minimum of 30% sustained production improvement.
Summary Summary Halliburton provides more interventionless fracturing stages in ERD wells
An independent oil and gas operator in the Bakken turned to Halliburton to provide a fracturing sleeve system suited for their ERD wells, while also allowing for more possible fracturing stages than had previously been possible.
Summary Summary RapidStage® ME Sleeves Help Seneca Increase Efficiency in Extended Reach Laterals
In Elk County Pennsylvania, Seneca Resources was looking for ways to further improve completion efficiency, reduce cycle time, and eliminate drill out of their extended reach laterals. They also wanted to improve their average stage count per day.
Summary Summary Permian Basin Operator Saves Time and Money with Enhanced Plug and Perforate Method
An independent oil and gas operator in the area was using the plug and perforate method to complete their well, but wanted to find a way to improve on the efficiency of the operation. By immediately pressure testing each frac plug prior to perforating the target fracturing stages, the operator could eliminate the risk of the fracturing plug not holding pressure and causing a loss of isolation during stimulation.
Summary Summary RapidBall™ Self-Removing Ball Technology
Halliburton’s RapidBall™ self-removing ball technology can replace the current balls that activate frac sleeve and degrade over time so you don’t have to worry about inhibited production or making a coiled tubing run after fracing.
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