Relief Well Services

Providing successful execution of relief wells through a combination of technology, experience and high levels of competency in engineering and project management

Boots & Coots Services is one of the few companies that provides Relief Well services. Our well control knowledge, global experience and worldwide support are unmatched in the industry. Since 2006, we've been involved in over 18 relief well projects worldwide. From 2008 to 2011, nine of those wells were drilled in the Gulf of Mexico. Accurate target well interception and successful well killing operations are highly challenging; flawless execution depends on a combination of technology, experience and resources, and the critical tasks require high levels of competency in engineering and project management. Through Halliburton Ranging Services, Boots & Coots is able to provide in-house ranging technology that sets the standard for target well identification.

Relief Well Engineer Skill Sets include:

  • Relief Well Planning
  • Relief Well Project Management
  • Relief Well Directional Planning and Execution
  • Dynamic Kill Analysis
  • Survey Management
  • Active and Passive Magnetic Ranging Services
  • Advanced Milling Techniques
  • Proprietary Target Well Access
  • Perforating and Charges

Boots & Coots relief well project managers may work in unison with Halliburton services, or other providers, to provide an integrated solution. Seamless integration of these services is a team effort and gives us the benefit of providing efficient and integrated solutions.

When to use Boots & Coots Relief Well Services

  • Unacceptably high risks are associated with surface intervention options
  • Surface intervention is viewed as impractical
  • Dual strategy for event resolution (relief well and surface intervention)
  • Availability of new technology for direct intercept operations

Boots & Coots Relief Well Services Benefits

  • Project managers with accredited PMI certification
  • Rapid implementation in an emergency
  • Seamless integration of Halliburton services
  • Optimization of all facets on relief well drilling providing the best chance of success
  • Capable of developing detailed and comprehensive plans
  • Years of experience to draw on
  • Integrated solutions

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