Oxygen Scavengers

Oxygen Scavengers Example

Most oxygen corrosion in oilfield metallurgy is caused by the addition of fluids from the surface that have been exposed to air for any length of time. When large quantities of fluids are injected downhole—as they are in fracturing operations, saltwater disposal wells, formation squeezes, or waterflood operations—oxygen can be introduced in significant quantities. Oxygen downhole can cause conditions such as dark produced water, reddish or brown solids in produced water, excessive turbidity of produced water, or flaky black or reddish deposits on metal surfaces.

Multi-Chem offers a wide variety of oxygen scavengers, including bisulfites and sulfites, to help with oxygen mitigation in your oilfield applications.


  • Reduce oxygen content in oilfield fluids injected downhole;
  • Minimize oxygen-induced corrosion and pitting; and
  • Minimize iron oxide deposition and scaling.
NaturaLine® Products and Solutions
Multi-Chem’s NaturaLine® solutions, including our line of carefully selected environmentally conscious products, offer a unique opportunity to collaborate with customers and develop the most effective and environmentally responsible options to production challenges.

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