Well Abandonment Consulting

Experienced Halliburton P&A specialists can minimize potential liabilities and costs – even when there are many unknowns.

Well Abandonment Consulting ImageBy the time most wells are ready to abandon, they could be 30 to 50 years old – or more. Often, clients lack information about how wells were constructed, i.e., what steel was used, where the cement is, or what fluids are in the annuli. Current conditions inside the well may also be unknown.

Cost and risk without reward: The P&A dilemma
These uncertainties increase financial and technical risk. They also make cost control difficult at a time when operations have no current economic value. Complicating matters: Plugging and Abandonment (P&A) regulations can vary dramatically from country to country.

Poorly plugged wells create potential conduits for fluids to migrate between formations, into fresh water aquifers or the wellbore. Left that way, they could provide pathways for hydrocarbons to seep to the surface and escape to the environment. Plugging wells correctly avoids the potential future liabilities caused by environmental damage and non-compliance with legislation.

A complete and innovative tool-box
A group within Halliburton Project Management specializes in P&A and has developed a disciplined three-pronged strategy for mitigating uncertainty, risk and unexpected costs. Halliburton develops an inventory of all possible risks, identifies actions to mitigate each, and thoroughly rehearses teams on each contingency before a P&A project commences. Having ready access to Halliburton’s entire toolbox prepares us for any eventuality. Plus, innovative new Halliburton materials and tools help increase plugging quality while mitigating risk. For instance, the Xaminer™ Electromagnetic Casing Tool can quantify corrosion (both radially and longitudinally) through two concentric rings of tubulars and characterize it qualitatively through a third – without pulling the inner strings.

More experience than any other P&A team in the world
Halliburton Project Management has successfully managed P&A projects around the world. As P&A activity increases, it’s important to make sure experienced people who can handle any contingency are handling your job in a way that meets or exceeds local regulations.