3D Geomechanical Earth Model

Risk assessment is a major part of field development plans, and a geomechanical model is an integral tool for assessing risks.

Insight to the geomechanical properties of the reservoir and overburden is critical to predictability and control of operation induced stress and its impact in determining well placement and completion strategy. Understanding the geomechanical conditions further away from the wellbore can enhance every stage of the reservoir life cycle, from assessing potential drilling risks in the first wells to helping maximize recovery from mature assets.

We bring the full depth of geomechanical modeling capability and Earth Modeling proven technology to combine data from seismic sources, geological and petrophysical insight and well engineering data and deliver predictability of key geomechanical parameters, namely, rock stresses, fluid pore pressure, and properties, at an unparalleled level of understanding and assistance in risk mitigation, from marine environments to land unconventional plays.

The unique combination of technologies for varied modeling scales and approaches, greatly corroborated by our experience in geomechanical modeling world wide, is centered in people, process, and technology. We work with the customer to provide good looking results validated in the drilling and productions end.

We can collaborate with your team to deliver:

  • Finite element modeling of rock stress/strain
  • Integrated geomechanical earth model
  • Seismic pore pressure
  • Seismic inversion for mechanical properties