Multistage Frac Sleeve Systems

Halliburton RapidSuite® systems offer a wide range of options for maximum flexibility in selecting the optimum multistage fracture completion.

With benefits such as reduced stimulation time, selective production, and specific zonal treatment, our RapidSuite systems, combined with our fracturing fluids and services, offer a stimulation solution for maximum production.

Elect® Monobore Frac Sleeve Systems
Breakthrough sleeve solution that puts an end to restrictions and stage limitations
RapidShift® Multistage Frac Sleeve Systems
The Halliburton RapidShift® stimulation and production sleeve system allows selective multi-zone stimulation treatment through the production string.This versatile sleeve can be operated by either a mechanical hydraulic shifting tool run on either coiled tubing or jointed tubing or by using a ball-drop system.
RapidStage® Multistage Frac Sleeve Systems
RapidStage® Multistage Frac Sleeve Systems sleeve systems deliver superior accuracy, reduced costs, and optimized completion of multistage wellbores by enabling highly accurate placement of stimulation treatments without intervention. Whatever conditions your job requires, RapidStage systems help ensure the stimulation treatment covers the targeted areas and maximizes the stimulated reservoir area.
RapidStart® Initiator CT Multistage Frac Sleeve
RapidStart® Initiator CT sleeves provide an interventionless means of establishing a flow path at the toe of a completion during multi-zone fracturing or plug and perf operations.
RapidStart® Initiator Multistage Frac Sleeve
Designed for selective multistage frac and plug and perf initiation, the RapidStart® Initiator sleeve provides an interventionless means of establishing an initial flow path from the tubing/casing ID to the OD.

Effective Zonal Isolation Between Sleeves

Halliburton offers a variety of zonal isolation options, including our leading Swellpacker® systems for completions and well construction, and our new ZoneGuard® system for zonal isolation in formation control, selective stimulation and fracturing applications.

Frac Sleeve Systems

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