Digital Oil Field and Intelligent Well Projects to Increase Production and Recovery

The oil and gas industry has been mesmerized for over a decade by the vision of the Digital Oil Field (DOF), which holds the promise of enabling operators to integrate, interpret and act on production-related information in real time to optimize field operation and development.

As costs for DOF projects have mounted, the industry has recognized the need to address multiple challenges to successfully design and execute DOF projects that deliver quantifiable value:

  • To achieve a high rate of return, DOF projects need to be designed to monitor and manage the development and operating metrics that actually have a meaningful impact on production and reserves, e.g. key parameters related to drawdown limits, waterflood performance, and pressure maintenance operations.
  • DOF workflows typically should be built in phases, since optimization workflows at the field level typically incorporate information from well-specific workflows.
  • DOF technologies both in the field and in control centers must be robust, scalable and upgradable to handle the addition of new wells and advances in technology.
  • DOF monitoring and interpretation workflows and technologies must be embraced by field operators and engineers to ensure long-term project success. Typically optimization workflows are rather complex, and the risk exists of their being ignored in favor of making operational decisions the "old way" by using rules of thumb and isolated calculations.

Halliburton Consulting is your technology partner in developing and implementing successful DOF projects:

Halliburton Consulting has an integrated perspective on leading-edge DOF technologies from field development to field operation:

  • Halliburton Consulting is a leader in integrating "intelligent wells" and modern sensing technologies into DOF projects to support reservoir characterization and field development planning.
  • Halliburton Consulting is a leader in intelligent completions and associated hardware such as remotely- operated inflow control devices to enable controlled commingling and injection
  • Halliburton Consulting is spearheading the trend to expanding DOF projects from mature fields to fields under appraisal and development
  • Halliburton Consulting has helped pioneer digital oilfield concepts to integrate and optimize surface and subsurface assets on a field-wide basis.

Halliburton Consulting has developed state-of-the-art automated workflows that can be customized to specific well and field requirements:

  • Reservoir visualization and analysis
  • Well performance evaluation
  • Artificial lift optimization
  • Waterflood management
  • Production allocation.

Halliburton Consulting has an experienced team of consultants with strong DOF design and implementation experience:

  • We develop a robust business case at the beginning of the DOF project centered on generating a positive rate of return.
  • We focus on ensuring that workflows achieve meaningful increases in production and reserves.
  • We have substantial experience integrating hardware and software from multiple PSL's into a seamless DOF project
  • We employ a team-oriented approach to help field personnel learn and embrace DOF workflows and technologies to ensure that DOF projects achieve long-term success.

Our case studies include a major integrated DOF project for a large Middle Eastern operator. Halliburton developed and implemented multiple workflows to help understand reservoir behavior, increase production, optimize water injection, and assess new development opportunities through integration of smart well technologies.